Regulatory Links

Disclaimer: Mr. Watchlist maintains these resource pages on a best-effort basis. It is not intended to be considered a definitive or comprehensive source of legislative or regulatory information.

United States:

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

  • Main Website
  • SDN List
  • Civil Penalties and Enforcement Information
  • Enforcement Guidelines
  • Active Sanctions Programs Flyers
    • Belarus Program  PDF
    • Burundi Program  – None
    • Central African Republic Program  – None
    • Combating America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act Program – None
    • Counter Terrorism Program – None
    • Cuba Program – None
    • Cyber-related Program  PDF
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo-Related Program PDF
    • Foreign Interference in a US Election Program – None
    • Global Magnitsky Program – None
    • Iran Program – None
    • Iraq-Related Program  PDFText
    • Lebanon-Related Program  PDFText
    • Libya Program – None
    • Magnitsky Program – None
    • Nicaragua-related Program – None
    • Non-Proliferation Program  PDFText
    • North Korean Program  PDF
    • Rough Diamond Trade Controls Program  PDFText
    • Sudan and Darfur Program – None
    • South Sudan-related Program  PDFText
    • Transnational Criminal Organizations Program  PDFText
    • Ukraine/Russia-related Program PDFText
    • Venezuela-Related Program – None 
    • Yemen-Related Program  PDF

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)


United Kingdom:



State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)



European Union:


Hong Kong:


New Zealand


United Nations:

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