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What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

In a recent post, I suggested that workflow design be dictated, to some extent, by volumes. If you have lots of states or work folders that are lightly used, you might be better off with rethinking how you segment your data and design your workflow. Well, the same is true […]

OFAC don’t get no respect

Journalist David Axe ( went to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and, based on his reporting, created a graphic novel called Army of God about Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army. After enlisting Tim Hamilton as cartoonist, and Matt Bors as editor, the tale was serialized online and, […]

Assuming a wee bit of risk…

In the previous post, we laid out how firms use repeated patterns in their data and/or patterns in the matched watchlist listing to ignore matches. The upside of those strategies is that the risk, if any, is very contained if not totally eliminated. The downside is that you tend to […]

You win a few, you lose a few (SDNs, that is)

Two small sets of updates by OFAC today: Two organizations (M23 and Forces Democratiques de Liberation du Rwanda) were added to the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Sanctions program (and all their aliases, of course) Jeanine Speckman, a UK citizen, and Euromac European Manufacturer Center SRL, an Italian entity, […]

In data we trust

When we screen data, we match data patterns we know to be non-matches. If they occur frequently enough, we can choose to ignore that pattern going forward. In general, there are two generic types of false positive reduction (FPR) strategies: whitelisting, and rules-based processing. Whitelisting generally means that a particular […]

If you want to visit Cuba…

OFAC publishes a list of authorized air, travel and payment (they’re fancy – they call them “remittance forwarding”) service providers that are permitted to provide these services to Cuba. So, not exactly a General License, but not a specific license, either. The list was updated today. Link: List of Authorized […]

Making Smaller Haystacks

There are always more matches than we want – and experience teaches us that the ratio is not close (1000 to 1, according to BNP Paribas’ NY branch, using an exact matching methodology). We’re searching through an awful lot of hay to find needles that may or may not be […]

How they do it Down Under

AUSTRAC, the Australian FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit, which is the governmental agency which investigates financial crimes) and AML/CTF regulator, has just sent out the January 2013 edition of its e-news Newsletter (which you can subscribe to here) with a whole raft of interesting information about Aussie banking regulation and enforcement. […]