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Singapore goes the way of FinCEN on Virtual Currencies

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a notice last Thursday announcing its intention to regulate virtual currencies in order to manage AML/CTF risks: 2 Virtual currency transactions, given their anonymous nature, are particularly vulnerable to ML/TF risks. To address this, MAS will introduce regulations to require virtual currency intermediaries1 […]

EU gets tough on beneficial owners

The European Parliament voted to amend the draft Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) so that beneficial owners of EU companies and trusts would have to be listed in public registries, which would be shared across Europe: Under the anti-money laundering directive (AMLD), as amended by the vote, a public central register […]

New article published in ACAMS Today

“Goldilocks and the three sanctions” came out just in time for the winter ACAMS conference. It's about what makes sanctions programs effective, ineffective and/or counterproductive – too hard, too soft or just right! It's now on the Publications page – and below, of course. And, yes, there is a glaring […]

Sweden Explains It All: Eritrea

This is the history of the EU's Eritrea sanctions program: In light of the fact that Eritrea is considered to have actively fuelled the conflict in Somalia through support to Al-Shabab, and in addition had not complied with Security Council calls to resolve the border dispute with its neighbour Djibouti, […]