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Are you drowning in PEPs?

If you are, and you belong to ACAMS, you can check out my article (over at or on the ACAMS Today iPhone app) on why the number of Politically Exposed Persons has exploded recently, and what you can consider doing to stem the tide from overwhelming you. And, when […]

Get yer watchlists – HERE!

In the interest of “one-stop shopping” (or at least fewer stops), I’ve added a Watchlists page to this site. It’s got a bunch of watchlists in a number of forms, ranging from HTML and PDF on the one hand through XML and Excel-compatible formats on the other. Included are lists […]

Watch you talkin’ about, Willis?

Time for the most basic of basics: what are watchlists and why do people use them? Watchlists are lists of people, places and things that could expose companies and other organizations to elevated financial, reputational and/or regulatory risk. Some lists are issued by official bodies, while others are assembled by […]

New SWIFT Whitepaper on compliance costs

SWIFT has issued a concise (3 page) whitepaper on the challenges of watchlist screening. While it doesn’t do much to address the solutions to the quandary that regulated firms face, it lays out the problems pretty effectively. These include: The growth in watchlist listings in the recent past (they estimate […]

Holy ship!

While most of OFAC’s sanctions programs are targeted to lists of specific individuals and companies, there are still a number of programs that are far-reaching, covering entire governments and/or countries. These programs, in general, embargo every transfer of assets involving nationals of the affected country or all institutions and persons […]

Software Update: LinkMatch

Now available on the Australian DFAT site, an updated version of LinkMatch. This software, which I have not used, will match data in a specific format to the DFAT, UK, EU, UN and OFAC lists. It comes with these lists, and instructions on how to update the lists over time […]

OSFI removes 6 entities from Consolidated list

The following entities were removed, in response to a similar delisting by the United Nations: AL-HAMATI SWEETS BAKERIES BENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL FUND BOSANSKA IDEALNA FUTURA HEYATUL ULYA RED SEA BARAKAT COMPANY LIMITED SOMALI INTERNET COMPANY The bakery is listed as having been reported as having “ceased to exist”. The remaining entities […]