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Imagine a rectangle…

It’s a useful way to look at, and design, your business processes and workflows for reviewing potential matches to watchlists, really. From left to right, you have a number of workflows, segregated out by the ways it makes sense for you to run your business. There are a lot of […]

And the bottom line is…

So, what happens if a economic sanctions list violation happens? Well, in OFAC’s case, it’s pretty clear: they investigate and evaluate (based on the General Factors in their Enforcement Guidelines, and then take one of a number of actions: No Action – really! If there is insufficient evidence that a […]

Merry Olde Iranian Sanctions updated

Two releases today from across the pond: On the heels of last week’s updates to EU regulations based on UN updates to the Iranian program, the first notice from Her Majesty’s Treasury has updated their list of sanctioned entities. One individual and 18 entities were added, 2 were removed and […]

More Licenses, more lists

Some structural changes to the site today. First off, I added the OFAC Sudan program General Licenses. More importantly, though, I’ve put the General Licenses in their own page (under Regulatory Links) so the pages don’t get too unwieldy. Lastly, I’ve added the component lists from the Bureau of International […]

Dec. 21, 2012 Updates to Regulatory Links

Mr. Watchlist has added links in the appropriate spots on the Regulatory Links page for: The OFAC NPWMD (Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction) General License 6, relating to the arrest, detention and sale of the MV Uppercourt, currently detained in China The Her Majesty’s Treasury General Licenses for the […]

Dec. 20, 2012: OFAC giveth, OFAC taketh away

Two releases today from OFAC: This morning, 3 individuals were added to the Transnational Criminal Organizations sanctions: 2 Kyrgyz nationals, and 1 has Georgian and Russian citizenship. This afternoon, OFAC issued a new General License (#6) for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators sanctions program. This license authorizes transactions related […]

The delicate balance of watchlist screening

Balance? What’s balance? Balance between the costs of compliance and the potential costs of non-compliance, of course. But, but, but… doesn’t OFAC sputter about its “strict liability” policy? Sure, but they also have their Enforcement Guidelines, which informs how they determine how hard to slap a firm’s wrists, if at […]