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New Watchlist added: Section 311

I’ve added a link to the Rulemakings page for the institutions sanctioned under the USA PATRIOT Act, Section 311. USA PATRIOT, by the way, is an acronym – Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. Hard to believe, but someone gets paid to […]

OFAC NPWMD Regs: General License 7 added

OFAC today issued a new General License under the Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators Sanctions Regulations. It’s for the transactions relating to the arrest, detention and sale of another vessel – this one was stopped in Sri Lanka: ​Today, OFAC is issuing General License No. 7 under the Weapons of […]

OFAC Update January 9, 2013: Narcotics

Two additional Mexican nationals added to the SDN list today under the Kingpin Act (i.e. both of their designations are SDNTK: Specially Designated Narcotics Trafficking Kingpin): CORONEL BARRERAS, Ines, La Angostura, Canelas, Durango 34500, Mexico; Avenida Puebla A No. 2209, Colonia Federal, San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora 83489, Mexico; DOB […]

In plain sight

Yesterday, you may have noticed something a little different here at MrWatchlist: I cut and pasted the list updates into the post. That actually looked pretty decent, so I’ll keep doing it. If the number of updates is particularly large (I recall the UN adding 18 entities a while back), […]

Matching Multiple Factors

If your main focus is screening business transactions, you can skip to the next blog item you wanted to read – nothing to see here for you. On the other hand, if you screen static data, like customer records or insurance policies, one way to cut down the number of […]

OFAC Update January 8, 2013

Two Sudanese terrorists were added to the SDN List today: HAMAD, Abdelbasit Alhaj Alhassan Haj (a.k.a. ALHASSAN, Abdelbaset Alhaj; a.k.a. HASAN, Abd-al-Basit Al-Hadj; a.k.a. HASSAN, Abdel Basit al-Hajj; a.k.a. MOHAMED, Abdel Basit Hag El-Hassan Hag; a.k.a. “AL-BASIT, Abd”); DOB 1979; POB Sudan; nationality Sudan (individual) [SDGT]. MOHAMED, Mohamed Makawi Ibrahim […]

One hull of a ship!

Ships are often identified by one of two identifiers: their call sign (aka call name, call letters, call signal, or call) and their IMO number. A vessel may have one, both or neither of these – but the vessels on the OFAC SDN list will have both. IMO numbers are […]

CIA World Leaders

The Central Intelligence Agency maintains an online index of world leaders, as well as a PDF version issued monthly. Links to the online index, and an index of the CIA’s abbreviations it uses in the index, have been added to the Regulatory Links page. In addition, a link to the […]

Acronym of the Day: RIUNRI

Today, OSFI updated its Consolidated List based on updates that the UN made back on December 20th. These add 2 entities to their list of sanctioned Iranian entities: Yas Air and SAD Import Export Company. These are implemented in Canada under RIUNRI (Regulations Implementing United Nations Resolutions on Iran). An […]

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

In a recent post, I suggested that workflow design be dictated, to some extent, by volumes. If you have lots of states or work folders that are lightly used, you might be better off with rethinking how you segment your data and design your workflow. Well, the same is true […]