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Network Solutions, one of the most prominent Internet domain registrars, seized 708 domains linked to Syrian entities earlier this month, and marked them all “OFAC Holding.” Apparently, the action was taken by the company itself, and was not the result of an order from OFAC or the US Treasury Department. […]

May 20, 2013: Gulam Mastafa removed from HMT Terror Rolls

Sorry Mr. Watchlist took a day off yesterday…   While I was away, Her Majesty's Treasury revoked the final designation of: MASTAFA, Gulam DOB: 02/05/1962. POB: Sylhet, Bangladesha.k.a: MOSTAFA, GulamNationality: (1) British (2) BangladeshiPassport Details: 301106302 (British) Address: Birmingham, United Kingdom, B11.Other Information: UK listing only. Male.Group ID: 9086   […]

HMT adds one person, amends 8 under Afghan sanctions

Her Majesty's Treasury, implementing the European Union's Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 451/2013, has added the following individual to its Consolidated List under the Afghan sanctions: ACHEKZAI, Adam Khan Title: Maulavi DOB: (1) –/–/1970.(2) –/–/1971.(3) –/–/1972.(4) –/–/1973.(5) –/–/1974.(6) –/–/1975. POB: Kandahar Province, Afghanistan a.k.a: KHAN, Adam Nationality: Pakistani Address: Chaman, […]

May 16, 2013: HMT Catches up to Terror Sanctions changes

The following person was removed from Her Majesty's Treasury's terrorism sanctions list, on the heels of the EU's Commisson Implementing Regulation (EU) No 439/2013, which was published on May 14th: ABDELHEDI, Mohamed, Ben Mohamed, Ben Khalifa DOB: 10/08/1965. POB: Sfax, Tunisia a.k.a: ABDELHEDI, Mohamed, Ben Mohamed Nationality: Tunisian Passport Details: […]