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March 20, 2014: OFAC issues Iran General License G

On Thursday, OFAC issued a new General License for the Iran sanctions program. General License G permits various educational transactions that were previously prohibited: Academic Exchanges…accredited graduate and undergraduate degree-granting academic institutions located in the United States … are authorized to enter into student academic exchange agreements with universities located […]

OFAC’s FAQ on Weak Aliases

122. What are weak aliases (AKAs)? A “weak AKA” is a term for a relatively broad or generic alias that may generate a large volume of false hits. Weak AKAs include nicknames, noms-de-guerre, and unusually common acronyms. OFAC includes these AKAs because, based on information available to it, the sanctions […]

EU, HMT sanction 21 over Ukraine events

Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014, imposed yesterday by the EU, sanctions the following persons: AKSYONOV, Sergey, Valeryevich DOB: 26/11/1972. Position: Prime Minister of Crimea Group ID: 12922. Position: Prime Minister of Crimea Group ID: 12922. BEREZOVSKIY, Deniz, ValentinovichDOB: 15/07/1974. Position: Commander of the Ukrainian Navy (since 1 March 2014) Group […]