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SECO delists Al-Gaoud Abdelmajid from its Libya sanctions

Swiss authorities delisted the following person: SSID: 130-20678 Name: Al-Gaoud AbdelmajidDOB: 1943Justification: Minister for Agriculture, Animal and Maritime Resources in Colonel Qadhafi’s Government. Closely associated with the former regime of Muammar Qadhafi. Modifications: Amended on 28 Aug 2015, de-listed on 6 May 2021 from its Libya financial and travel sanctions […]

Eyes Wide Shut?

Over the next month, Mr. Watchlist is having cataract surgery on both his eyes (he needs it, he assures you). The recovery is short if there are no complications, which he has been told are rare (3-4 days). However, since he has never had one of these, he is unsure […]


I reposted the Daily Digest of Monday’s posts at 8 AM this morning – I had mistakenly put a post date of May 3rd on it, so it showed up in the middle of the posts instead of as the latest when it posted. Like I said, oops! Sorry about […]