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Disclaimer: Mr. Watchlist maintains these resource pages on a best-effort basis. It is not intended to be considered a definitive or comprehensive source of legislative or regulatory information.

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    1. Thanks, Dave – let me look into it. I saw your company at the ACAMS conference in Las Vegas but, being with a vendor, couldn’t spend much time looking into the solution.

      I also want to keep away from AML suites, like Norkom or Oracle/Mantas. So, if the package is a KYC/EDD suite or a sanctions screening solution, I’ll be happy to list it. But I want to exclude things that don’t lend themselves to list-based screening – otherwise, I end up in areas I have little or no competence in.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Mr. Watchlist

    1. Hi, Brad –

      Actually, I’ve been reticent to list AML players like Detica and Actimize. I don’t cover AML topics outside of CDD/EDD, really, so why list those vendors? Perhaps I’ll reconsider one day, but not for now.


      Mr. Watchlist

      1. Actimize and Detica offer solutions for all AML areas; solutions are offered per module so they offer suspicious activity monitoring solutions (AML), CDD/KYC/EDD, Watchlist Filtering (WLF) / Embargo Screening. They are key players in the market!

    1. I’ve been a little remiss on updating vendor information, I’ll make that part of my next spring cleaning.

  1. Any thoughts on where one may subscribe to (or obtain a license) for a PEP data base. I realize these data bases are large. We have an in-house screening solution and would like to control the PEP data ourselves

    1. Well, I’m not unbiased, Martin. Dow Jones, my current employer, offers a PEP database which adheres to the FATF standards for inclusion, except when local regulations say otherwise.

      Feel free to contact me for more info.


  2. Are you familiar with any decent comparisons done between the data providers listed? Do they each have a different sweet spot or jurisdictional focus? Trying to understand to waht degree leveraging World-Check vs. Dow Jones vs. World Compliance really matters from the PEP and neg news raw data set level.


    1. Hi, Tim –

      Sorry for being really late to respond. Given that I work for Dow Jones, I’m not unbiased. Our sweet spot is in data quality – accuracy and completeness, most notably. Also, adherence to standards – so, our PEP listings match the FATF job categories unless local regulation (or guidance) says otherwise. My impression is that the others believe more in quantity than quality.

      For example, there is/was a Jeff Sohn on one of the other firm’s PEP lists. He was a project manager with the NY State Library Department. We would never list him.

      Similarly, we’be shied away from carrying’s content – because it’s garbage. It has duplicates, gaps and invalid data – like DUNS numbers not of the proper length.

      Once you get outside of published lists, the differences depends on what you value.

      Happy to take this offline and show anyone who is interested what I mean vis a vis our offerings.


      1. That’s exactly what my thoughts on DJ’s sweet spot were Eric, the data quality, accuracy and completeness.

        Being on the same side of the argument now:), I was hoping to get you to check out our newest Anti Money Laundering service, which is based on the DJ’s data. It’s called and it’s a simple pay as you go service targeting SMEs. Our first partnership with Dow Jones started years ago with MemberCheck and I was also hoping MemberCheck could be added to this listing if you had any time to update this post.

        Nevertheless, I’d be glad to provide you with a couple of free orders, So you can check out NameScan. Direct message me on twitter if you’re interested.


  3. It seems that both worldcheck and LexisNexis WorldCompliance do not wish to offer access to their data to companies engaged with employment screening. Do you have any recommendations for a provider who is open for this sector?

    1. Major data vendors are not interested in this sector because it exposes them to a lot of legal liability – ti’s the same reason why HR tells you not to provide a substantive reference for a former employee. Even if your information is truthful, it exposes you to lawsuits and having a bias.


  4. Dear Eric,
    Google just took me to your page, and I find it very informative.

    I was wondering if you might want to update your list of AML solutions, with the AML plateform offered by iDETECT.

    iDETECT covers the full spectrum of AML compliance requirements, Real-time transactions screening and monitoring, Risk Based Approach with automatic risk-scoring, Profiling, and of course advanced algorithms for effective watchlists screening. iDETECT is configured to connect to the list from DJ, WorldCheck, LexisNexis and others.

    You can find some more information on
    Warm regards

  5. Hi. I am looking in to a comparison of list providers. I have a shortlist of 4 (including DJ) and want to compare their coverage. Do you have any recommended methodologies?

  6. Where can you get a side by side comparison for Data offered? I know you list World-Check/LN/Dow Jones and if someone asks you mention that you work for Dow Jones so you recommend them, but do you have information about what each solution offers? How does Verafin compare to the “big boys”? I am told their software is great, but how good is their data?



  7. Hi Eric, I’d like to suggest adding Exiger DDIQ. We’re operate in CDD/KYC as well as ongoing screening/monitoring. We are not a data source, but rather a software platform that integrates with 3rd-party data providers and the open web. Our expertise is the use of AI to de-dupe, filter out false positives, categorize and risk rank the results.

  8. Hi Eric, would it be in good sense to take Dow Jones as the only real competitor for World Check tool which is currently being used by our bank for due diligence It is used to help identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk

  9. Eric,
    You may want to update the sanctions alert reference to Assoc. of Certified Sanction Specialists (ACSS)



  10. Hi Eric, lovely to come across this site – great job!

    Please could you list RiskScreen under watchlist screening software? We work with both Dow Jones & World-Check (Refinitiv) data providers.



  11. Have you considered reviewing entity resolution providers (Quantexa, Senzing, etc.) that use a contextual screening methodology against pre-mastered regulatory databases (DJRC, etc.)

    1. Right now, not reviewing products or vendors – in some areas, that would be a conflict of interest with my current employer. And, to be fair, while I could certainly give paper-thin evaluations fo what I see, and inform readers of product features and alleged benefits, I am not expert enough to properly evaluate such tools. Therefore, I would be doing a disservice to my readers. Like Client Eastwood said “a man’s gotta know his limits”

      1. Greetings of the day,

        We use NICE Actimize for Name screening of customers, vendors, employees and other Business partners. The subsequent alerts are investigated by us. Wanted to understand how Machine Learning can be employed to reduce the False positive/reduce the efforts to identify a false positive.

      2. I’m not the expert on this. And there is no clear green light from regulators to use AI or ML in sanctions screening. The problem right now is that it’s very much a black box – there is no acceptance of these technologies by regulators because the results are considered explainable. Why didn’t you match XXX? Uh… magic? These may, in fact, be great advances but, until they can clearly explain how they work and why they produce the results they do – and why they don’t produce the ones they don’t – it will be hard to pass regulatory muster. And that will continue to hinder their market adoption. IMHO, of course – Mr. Watchlist

  12. Hello everyone, I am currently doing research in data providers related to know you customer process and business partner screening in general. We are working with Dow Jones but are currently looking for other alternatives. Are there other sources that already put all relevant information together regarding products, costs, market (region), sector, type of media, etc.? Would be great if you can help. Thanks a lot!

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