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Time is of the essence

An essential question of any watchlist screening program is “when”, which actually comes in two flavors: When does the company’s data need to be screened? When do watchlists need to be updated? I could weasel out of both of these by saying “in a timely manner”, of course – and […]

Set phasers (not) to stun!

A lot of this seems daunting, doesn’t it? So many possible lists, system settings to consider… and so much work to process Day 1. Seems a little nuts to me… Well, even if you’re facing down the loaded end of a C&D (cease and desist), one doesn’t have to implement […]

What makes PEP different

Identifying Politically Exposed Persons, or PEPs, are a mandatory part of typical anti-money laundering (AML) regulations issued by governments. PEPs pose a greater than normal risk of being involved in financial crimes, such as fraud and money laundering, because of their access to, and influence over, large amounts of capital. […]

Are you drowning in PEPs?

If you are, and you belong to ACAMS, you can check out my article (over at or on the ACAMS Today iPhone app) on why the number of Politically Exposed Persons has exploded recently, and what you can consider doing to stem the tide from overwhelming you. And, when […]

Get yer watchlists – HERE!

In the interest of “one-stop shopping” (or at least fewer stops), I’ve added a Watchlists page to this site. It’s got a bunch of watchlists in a number of forms, ranging from HTML and PDF on the one hand through XML and Excel-compatible formats on the other. Included are lists […]