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SECO Ukraine-related sanctions: 3 individuals added

News 14 January 2022 International sanction 2022 Updated sanctions report The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER has amended Annex 3 to the Ordinance of 27. August 2014 on measures to avoid circumvention of international sanctions in connection with the situation in Ukraine (SR946.231.176.72). On the 13th On January […]

OFSI amends two Global Human Rights listings

UK regulators have amended the following individual listings: 1. KOVTUN, Dmitriy VadimovichDOB: (1) 25/09/1965. (2) 25/09/1969. POB: Moscow, Russia Nationality: Russia a.k.a: KOVTUN, Dmitry, Vadimovich Passport Details: Reference 62. Passport no. 9632078. issued 17/08/2006. expired 17/08/2011 Address: Apartment no. 150, Golubinskay Street, Moscow, Russia, 117463. Position: General Director of Global […]

OFSI amends 1 South Sudan sanctions designation

UK regulators have updated the following individual South Sudan sanctions listing: 1. MALONG AWAN ANEI, Paul Malong AwanTitle: General DOB: (1) –/–/1962. (2) 04/12/1960. (3) 12/04/1960. (4) 01/01/1962. POB: (1) Malualkon (2) Kotido, (1) South Sudan (2) Uganda a.k.a: (1) ANEI, Paul, Malong, Awan (2) MALONG, Bol (3) MALONG, Paul […]

UN, OFSI amend counter terror listings

UK authorities amended 62 ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida sanctions listings modified by the corresponding United Nations Sanctions Committee (UNSC), and 2 others on the UK Sanctions List. Here are the 2 UK-only ones – and individual: 33. AL-QIZANI, AshrafDOB: 05/10/1991. POB: El Gouazine, Dahmani, Governorate of Le Kef, Tunisia a.k.a: […]

OFAC adds to non-proliferation sanctions

OFAC has added the following persons: ALAR, Roman Anatolyevich, Moscow, Russia; DOB 17 Jan 1973; nationality Russia; Gender Male; Secondary sanctions risk: North Korea Sanctions Regulations, sections 510.201 and 510.210; Transactions Prohibited For Persons Owned or Controlled By U.S. Financial Institutions: North Korea Sanctions Regulations section 510.214; Passport 719869648 (Russia) […]

OFAC adds to Nicaragua sanctions, too – 6 officials

OFAC has sanctioned the following persons: BARAHONA CASTRO, Rosa Adelina (a.k.a. BARAHONA DE RIVAS, Rosa Adelina), Zona Central, Matagalpa, Nicaragua; DOB 10 May 1957; POB Murra, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua; nationality Nicaragua; Gender Female; National ID No. 4901005570000R (Nicaragua) (individual) [NICARAGUA]. CALDERON VINDELL, Ramon Humberto, Kilometro Doce y Medio, Carretera Sur, […]