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How about we have a contest?

Best answer wins…. Use the Contact page on my site to submit your answers to the following: For the 4 listed sources of Payoneer’s Apparent Violations, list the enforcement actions from at least the last 3 years (2019-2021) which had the same type of violations. Bonus points will be awarded […]

Killer graphics – literally!

So, you may have noticed that the post made yesterday about Treasury’s election interference-related press release came up empty – not even the links to the press release. I didn’t notice until I was assembling the daily digest post. Turns out that the graphics in the press release caused my […]

Darn those time zones!

You may have noticed that my last 2 posts were titled “Global Sanctions-a-Rama” – parts 1 and 2. And you may have wondered – am I dissing the EU, which made similar designations earlier in the day? Not intentionally – it seems weird to start with Part 3, so I […]

No, Mr. Watchlist is NOT on vacation…

Literally, other than the occasional fraud notice coming out of Hong Kong, nothing is happening in the sanctions world. No enforcements, no designations, no General Licenses… nada. I will admit it’s a nice change from the daily madness of the Trump Administration (I am looking forward to actual diplomatic outreach […]