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May 2020: NCA guidance on making better SARs

There’s much more in this document, but I thought I’d highlight Section 6 (“good practice tips): Always  identify as clearly as possible the suspected benefit from criminal conduct (the ‘criminal property’) including, where possible, the amount of benefit  identify the reason(s) for suspecting that property is criminal property […]

UK publishes 2019-2022 Economic Crime Plan

The economic crime plan sets out 7 priority areas that were agreed in January 2019 by the Economic Crime Strategic Board, the ministerial level public-private board charged with setting the UK’s strategic priorities for combatting economic crime: develop a better understanding of the threat posed by economic crime and our […]

The British know their names…

The UK’s Financial and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee has put together a nice little document called “A Guide to Names and Naming Practices”, which has sections about how names are constructed around the world. For example: In Africa, there are sections for Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa Nigerian names, as well […]

UK Export Control Symposium Announced

The next Export Control Symposium will take place in London on Thursday 30 May 2019. Export Control Symposia organised by the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) have become very popular over the last few years, and there are now two events each year. On 30 May the event will, as usual, commence with […]

HM Treasury issues July-October TAFA Report

Annex 1 Written Ministerial Statement ____________________________________________________________________ Operation of the UK’s Counter-Terrorist Asset Freezing Regime: 1 July to 30 September 2018 The Economic Secretary to the Treasury (John Glen): Under the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc. Act 2010 (TAFA 2010), the Treasury is required to prepare a quarterly report regarding its exercise of […]