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OFSI publishes its annual review for 2020-21

OFSI publishes Annual Review: 2020 to 2021  Every year OFSI publishes its annual review which gives an overview of OFSI’s operational work in the financial year, providing key statistics from the different areas of financial sanctions. This review includes sections on: UK and EU financial sanctions regimes frozen assets review […]

OFSI issues Frozen Asset Reporting Notice

Reminder: Frozen Assets Reporting 2021 OFSI is conducting its annual frozen assets review. If you hold or control funds or economic resources belonging to, owned, held, or controlled by a designated person you are required to submit a report to HM Treasury’s OFSI by Friday 15 October 2021. Your report must include details of […]

FCDO announces Belarus sanctions webinar

The UK has imposed a package of trade, financial, and aviation sanctions on Belarus, in response to the continued undermining of democracy and human rights violations by the Lukashenko regime. These measures coincided with the anniversary of the fraudulent election in Belarus, coincided with the US and Canada’s announcement of their own packages […]

Post-Brexit sanctions webinars…

UK sanctions policy and compliance after the transition period As part of the changes to the UK’s sanctions framework, existing EU sanctions regimes are being transitioned into UK law through regulations made under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018. EU sanctions will no longer apply in the UK from 11pm […]

May 2020: NCA guidance on making better SARs

There’s much more in this document, but I thought I’d highlight Section 6 (“good practice tips): Always  identify as clearly as possible the suspected benefit from criminal conduct (the ‘criminal property’) including, where possible, the amount of benefit  identify the reason(s) for suspecting that property is criminal property […]