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November 23, 2015: Technical OFAC Announcement

Technical Announcement Regarding the Download of OFAC’s SDN and Consolidated List Files 11/23/2015 ​ ​In response to a necessary security upgrade, users of OFAC's SDN and Consolidated List may need to update previously automated file download procedures. Please see the following technical announcement for more details. Links: OFAC Notice Technical […]

OFAC’s FAQ on Weak Aliases

122. What are weak aliases (AKAs)? A “weak AKA” is a term for a relatively broad or generic alias that may generate a large volume of false hits. Weak AKAs include nicknames, noms-de-guerre, and unusually common acronyms. OFAC includes these AKAs because, based on information available to it, the sanctions […]

OFAC Updates for February 5, 2013

A three-parter from OFAC today: updates to the Kingpin Act (narcotics trafficking) and anti-terrorism sanctions, and release of a beta version of a fuzzy search tool. First, there are a sizable number of new designations under the narcotics trafficking sanctions: ​GARCIA AYALA, Filemon, C Constitucion # 32, Col Rio Grande, […]

Matching Multiple Factors

If your main focus is screening business transactions, you can skip to the next blog item you wanted to read – nothing to see here for you. On the other hand, if you screen static data, like customer records or insurance policies, one way to cut down the number of […]