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Want to get your nerd on?

Read my latest piece on matching technologies here at Money Laundering Bulletin. It’ll be in the February print issue, but it’s online now. Mind you, I’m not the most technical when it comes to this, but I wasn’t trying to write a treatise – just trying to lay out the […]

Bank of England/FCA machine learning survey

Published on 16 October 2019 In the financial services industry, the application of machine learning (ML) methods has the potential to improve outcomes for both businesses and consumers. In recent years, improved software and hardware as well as increasing volumes of data have accelerated the pace of ML development. The […]

OFSI’s coming out with a new Consolidated List…

OFSI to update consolidated list links In 3 weeks time, OFSI will launch a new consolidated list, the system it uses to publish the details of individuals and entities subject to financial sanctions. The consolidated list extracts will have updated links on the website. It is important that any bookmarks to the old links for each […]

November 23, 2015: Technical OFAC Announcement

Technical Announcement Regarding the Download of OFAC’s SDN and Consolidated List Files 11/23/2015 ​ ​In response to a necessary security upgrade, users of OFAC's SDN and Consolidated List may need to update previously automated file download procedures. Please see the following technical announcement for more details. Links: OFAC Notice Technical […]