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September 13, 2019: OFAC designates Kale Kayihura under Global Magnitsky sanctions, 3 entities under DPRK program

On Friday, OFAC designated: KAYIHURA, Kale (a.k.a. MUHWEZI, Edward Kalekezi Kayihura); DOB 26 Dec 1955; nationality Uganda; Gender Male; Passport DA024329 (individual) [GLOMAG]. under its Global Magnitsky human rights sanctions program, and the following entities: ANDARIEL, Korea, North; Secondary sanctions risk: North Korea Sanctions Regulations, sections 510.201 and 510.210 [DPRK3].  […]

September 5, 2019: Liviu Nicolae Dragnea designated under Section 7031(c) for corruption

Public Designation, Due to Involvement in Significant Corruption, of Romania’s Liviu Nicolae Dragnea MEDIA NOTE OFFICE OF THE SPOKESPERSON SEPTEMBER 5, 2019 Share Secretary Michael R. Pompeo is publicly designating the former Speaker of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Nicolae Dragnea, due to his involvement in significant corruption.  This designation is made […]

Sudan’s Salah Gosh designated under 7031(c)

Public Designation of Sudan’s Salah Gosh under Section 7031(c) PRESS STATEMENT MICHAEL R. POMPEO, SECRETARY OF STATE AUGUST 14, 2019 Share Today, the United States designated Salah Abdalla Mohamed Mohamed Salih, known as Salah Gosh, the former director general of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), under Section 7031(c) […]