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Not sure if this is a first, but…

Today, the U.S. sanctioned a whole bunch of Bulgarians for corruption under both the Global Magnitsky sanctions program and under Section 7031(c) designation barring entry to the U.S. I believe it’s the first action against a significant number of EU member state parties. Anyhow, here’s the persons: BOJKOV, Vassil Kroumov […]

Paraguay Congressperson gets Section 7031(c) designation for corruption

Designation of Representative in Paraguayan Congress for Involvement in Significant Corruption PRESS STATEMENT ANTONY J. BLINKEN, SECRETARY OF STATE APRIL 6, 2021 Share I am announcing today the public designation of a Representative in the Paraguayan Legislature’s Lower House, Ulises Rolando Quintana Maldonado due to his involvement in significant corruption.  During his time as […]