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Monday OFAC Sanctions-a-Rama: Zimbabwe designations & removals, North Korea update, Iran & Syria & FSE removals

OFAC has added the following individuals: CHIMUKA, Obey, 25 Northolt Bluffhill, Harare, Zimbabwe; DOB 15 Jan 1975; POB Makoni, Zimbabwe; nationality Zimbabwe; citizen Zimbabwe; Gender Male; Passport EN899508 (Zimbabwe) expires 15 Mar 2026; National ID No. 58158115R42 (Zimbabwe) (individual) [ZIMBABWE] (Linked To: TAGWIREI, Kudakwashe Regimond; Linked To: FOSSIL AGRO; Linked […]

Treasury’s Press Release on its Zimbabwe actions

PRESS RELEASES Treasury Takes Actions in Zimbabwe September 15, 2022 WASHINGTON — Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated one Zimbabwe individual and removed eleven others from the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN List) under the Zimbabwe sanctions program.  The Zimbabwe sanctions program […]

Mid-week OFAC sanctions-a-Rama: Russia, Zimbabwe, Libya

First, OFAC has added the following persons: AKHMADOVA, Aminat (Cyrillic: АХМАДОВА, Аминат), Republic of Chechnya, Russia; DOB 1985; POB Grozny, Republic of Chechnya, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Female (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024] (Linked To: KADYROV, Ramzan Akhmatovich). ASTANIN, Eddie Vladimirovich (Cyrillic: АСТАНИН, Эдди Владимирович) (a.k.a. ASTANIN, Eddi Vladimirovich), Russia; DOB 16 Dec […]

OFSI Zimbabwe changes

Two individuals: 1. NCUBE, OwenDOB: 17/04/1968. Nationality: Zimbabwe Position: Former Minister of State for National Security Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref): ZIM0004 (UK Statement of Reasons): There are reasonable grounds to suspect that Owen Ncube bears responsibility for serious human rights violations, including systematic torture, committed by the security […]

Another day, another raft of OFSI changes

79 entries amended on the consolidated list 79 entries have been amended on the consolidated list and remain subject to an asset freeze.  On 18 March 2022 the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office updated the UK Sanctions List on GOV.UK. This list provides details of those designated under regulations made under the […]

And here is the OFSI Notice on Zimbabwe…

As noted earlier today: 1. The Zimbabwe (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 (S.I. 2019/604) were made under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 (the Sanctions Act) and provide for the freezing of funds and economic resources of certain persons, entities or bodies involved in the commission of serious human […]