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Yes, Virginia, OFAC does remove listings…

Today, OFAC removed the following 4 Italian firms: AMG S.A.S. DI ALESSANDRO BAZZONI & C. (a.k.a. AMG S.A.S. DI ALESSANDRO BAZZONI AND C.; a.k.a. AMG S.A.S. DI ALESSANDRO BAZZONI E C.), Via Sottomonte 5, Verona 37124, Italy; V.A.T. Number IT02483560237 (Italy) [VENEZUELA-EO13850].  AMG S.A.S. DI ALESSANDRO BAZZONI E C. (a.k.a. AMG […]

SECO adds 19 to Venezuela sanctions

Today, Swiss authorities added the following 19 individuals: SSID: 290-44371 Name: Remigio Ceballos Ichaso Sex: M DOB: 1 May 1963 Identification document: ID card No. V-6557495, Venezuela Justification: Commander of the Operational and Strategic Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces of Venezuela (Comando Estratégico Operacional Fuerzas Armadas Nacionales Bolivarianas […]

EU adds 19 to Venezuela sanctions

Venezuela: 19 officials added to the EU sanctions list The Council today added 19 leading Venezuelan officials to the list of those subject to restrictive measures, due to their role in acts and decisions undermining democracy and the rule of law in the country, or as a result of serious human rights […]

OFAC’s Venezuela General License 30 gets an update

OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL Venezuela Sanctions Regulations 31 C.F.R. Part 591 GENERAL LICENSE NO. 30A Authorizing Certain Transactions Necessary to Port and Airport Operations (a) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this general license, all transactions and activities involving the Government of Venezuela prohibited by Executive Order (E.O.) […]