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Treasury explains today’s OFAC action to you…

Treasury and the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center Partners Sanction Taliban Facilitators and their Iranian Supporters   October 23, 2018 RIYADH – Today, the seven member nations of the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC) took significant actions to expose and disrupt Taliban actors and their Iranian sponsors that seek to undermine the […]

April 12, 2018: UN, OSFI update one on terror list

On April 12th, Canadian regulators implemented the changes to the following individual designation:  TAi.004 Name: 1: MOHAMMED 2: OMAR 3: GHULAM NABI 4: naName (original script): محمد عمر غلام نبیTitle: Mullah Designation: Leader of the Faithful (‘Amir ul-Mumineen’), AfghanistanDOB: a) Approximately 1966 b) 1960 c) 1953 POB: a) Naw Deh village, Deh Rawud District, Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan b) Maiwand District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan Good quality […]

January 25, 2018: OFAC adds a half dozen new terrorists

On Thursday, OFAC added the following individuals:  ABDUL BASEER, Abdul Qadeer Basir (a.k.a. AHMAT, Abdul Qadir; a.k.a. BASIR, Abdul Qadir; a.k.a. HAQQANI, Abdul Qadir; a.k.a. QADIR, Abdul; a.k.a. “Nasibullah”), Peshawar, Pakistan; DOB 1964; POB Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan; nationality Afghanistan; Gender Male; Passport D000974 (Afghanistan) (individual) [SDGT] (Linked To: TALIBAN).    […]