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OFAC Enforcement Action:

The settlement: $134,523 The base penalty: $134,523…. but the statutory maximum was $1,038,206,212 What were the actual violations? From on or about November 15, 2011, to on or about October 18, 2018, persons located in Crimea, Iran, and Syria placed orders or otherwise conducted business on Amazon’s websites for consumer […]

SECO amends 9 Iran sanctions designations

Today, Swiss authorities modified the following 8 individual sanctions listings: SSID: 80-11031 Foreign identifier: 10. Name: Borborudi Sayed Shamsuddin DOB: 21 Sep 1969 Good quality a.k.a.: Borboroudi Seyed Shamseddin Justification: Former Deputy Head of UN designated Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, where he iswas subordinate to UN designated Feridun Abbasi […]

OFSI renews 5 TAFA designations

Today, UK regulators renewed the Final Designations of the following 5 persons: 1. SOLEIMANI, Qasem Title: Major General DOB: 11/03/1957. POB: Qom, Iran a.k.a: (1) SALIMANI, Qasem (2) SOLAIMANI, Qasem (3) SOLEIMANY, Qasim (4) SOLEMANI, Qasem (5) SOLEYMANI, Ghasem (6) SOLEYMANI, Qasem (7) SULAIMANI, Qasem (8) SULAYMAN, Qasem (9) SULAYMAN, […]

Mo’ money, mo‘ money for ISIS Leader

Rewards for Justice – Increased Reward Offer for Information on ISIS Leader Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla MEDIA NOTE OFFICE OF THE SPOKESPERSON JUNE 24, 2020 Share The U.S. Department of State’s Rewards for Justice Program is increasing its reward – now up to $10 million — for information leading […]

May 26, 2020: UN, DFAT add one to counter terror sanctions

On Tuesday, Australian regulators added the following person: QDi.426 Name: 1: Amir 2: Muhammad Sa’id 3: Abdal-Rahman 4: al-MawlaName (original script): أمیر محمد سعید عبد الرحمن المولىTitle: na Designation: na DOB: a) 5 Oct. 1976 b) 1 Oct. 1976 POB: a) Tall’Afar, Iraq b) Mosul, Iraq Good quality a.k.a.: a) Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi b) Hajji Abdallah c) Abu ‘Umar al-Turkmani d) Abdullah Qardash e) Abu ‘Abdullah Qardash f) al-Hajj Abdullah Qardash g) Hajji Abdullah Al-Afari h) `Abdul Amir Muhammad […]

EU, OFSI amend a counter terrorism designation

Earlier today, UK officials amended the following ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida counter terrorism listing: AL-MAWLA, Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal-Rahman DOB: (1) 05/10/1976. (2) 01/10/1976. POB: (1) Tall’Afar (2) Mosul, (1) Iraq (2) Iraq a.k.a: (1) ABDALLAH, Hajji (2) AL-AFARI, Hajji, Abdullah (3) AL-MAWLA, Muhammad Sa’id, ‘Abd- al-Rahman (4) AL-MULA, Amir, […]

OFAC adds 2 to Iran and counter-terror sanctions

Today, OFAC added the following individual:   DIANAT, Amir (a.k.a. ALMTHAJE, Ameer Abdulazeez Jaafar; a.k.a. AL-MUTAHAJI, Amir ‘Abd-al-‘Aziz Ja’far; a.k.a. AL-TAA’EI, Amir; a.k.a. DIANAT, Amir Abdolaziz; a.k.a. DIANET, Amir; a.k.a. DIYANAT, Amir; a.k.a. JAFAR, Amir Abdulaziz; a.k.a. MUSHTAQ, Abu), Iran; Iraq; Oman; DOB 15 Mar 1967; alt. DOB 25 Dec […]

EU, OFSI remove 4 from counter terror sanctions

UK regulators, under the auspices of two Amending Regulations to older EU Commission Implementing Regulations, removed: 1. MANSOR, Amran DOB: 25/05/1964. POB: Johor, Malaysia Nationality: Malaysian Passport Details: A 10326821 National Identification no: 640525-01-5885 Address: Kg. Sg. Tiram, Johor, Malaysia. Other Information: UN Ref QI.M.116.03. Also referred to as Henry. […]