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June 29, 2016: SECO updates terror sanctions listings

On Wednesday, Swiss regulators amended the following individual listings under the Al-Qaida/bin Laden/Taliban sanctions program:   SSID: 10-14546 Foreign identifier: QI.A.282.10. Name: Qasim YahyaMohamed Mahdi Al- Rimi DOB: 5 Jun 1978 POB: SanaaRaymah village, Sanaa Governorate, Yemen Good quality a.k.a.: a) Qasim Al-Rimi b) Qasim al-Raymi c) Qassim al-Raymi d) […]

June 24, 2016: UN, OSFI, DFAT, SECO remove Farid Aider from Al-Qaida/Bin Laden/Taliban sanctions

Last Tuesday, Swiss authorities delisted the following person from the Al-Qaida/bin Laden/Taliban sanctions program: SSID: 10-13886 Foreign identifier: QI.A.161.04. Name: Farid Aider DOB: 12 Oct 1964 POB: Algiers, Algeria Good quality a.k.a.: a) Achour Ali b) Terfi Farid Low quality a.k.a.: Abdallah Nationality: Algeria Other information: Italian Fiscal Code DRAFRD64R12Z301C. […]

Who is Torek Agha?

Sanctioned on November 2nd by the United Nations: In accordance with paragraph 13 of resolution 1822 (2008), paragraph 13 or resolution 1988 (2011), and subsequent related resolutions, the 1988 Sanctions Committee makes accessible a narrative summary of reasons for the listing for individuals, groups, undertakings and entities included in the […]

November 12, 2015: SECO updates anti-terror sanctions

On Wednesday, Swiss authorities added the following Taliban-affiliated person: SSID: 10-33271 Foreign identifier: TAi.174 Name: Torek Agha Title: Haji DOB: a) 1960 b) 1962 c) 1965 (approximately) POB: a) Kandahar Province, Afghanistan b) Pishin, Baluchistan Province, Pakistan Good quality a.k.a.: Sayed Mohammed Hashan Low quality a.k.a.: a) Torak Agha b) […]

October 16, 2015: SECO updates Al-Qaida/Bin Laden/Taliban sanctions

On October 16th, Swiss regulators added the following 6 persons: SSID: 10-32546 Foreign identifier: QDi.363 Name: Maghomed Maghomedzakirovich Abdurakhmanov Spelling variant: Магомед Магомедзакирович Абдурахманов (Russian) DOB: 24 Nov 1974 POB: Khadzhalmahi Village, Levashinskiy District, Republic of Dagestan, Russian Federation Low quality a.k.a.: a) Abu Banat (Абу Банат) b) Abu al […]