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Today at OFAC: Global Magnitsky, Iran (including CAATSA-Iran), Syria

Today, OFAC designated the following people: AZAMI, Seyed Reza Mousavi (Arabic: سید رضا موسوی اعظمی), Iran; nationality Iran; Additional Sanctions Information – Subject to Secondary Sanctions; Gender Male (individual) [IRAN-HR] (Linked To: SPECIAL UNITS OF IRAN’S LAW ENFORCEMENT FORCES). EBRAHIMI, Mohsen (Arabic: محسن ابراهیمی), Iran; DOB 1961; alt. DOB 1962; […]

I knew I forgot something before the holiday… Treasury’s press release about the expanded Syrian General License

PRESS RELEASES U.S. Treasury Expands Syria Nongovernmental Organizations General License  November 24, 2021 Amends Syria Sanctions Regulations and Issues Two New FAQs WASHINGTON — Today, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) amended the Syrian Sanctions Regulations (SySR) to expand the authorizations for nongovernmental organizations (NGO) […]

OFAC updates two programs: amendments to Syria Sanctions Regulations & its FAQs – and updates Venezuela GL 8

Publication of Amended Syria Sanctions Regulations and Related Frequently Asked Questions; Issuance of Venezuela-related General License 8I Release date. 11/24/2021 The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is adopting a final rule amending the Syrian Sanctions Regulations, 31 CFR part 542, to expand an existing authorization related […]

OFAC adds to counter-terror, Syria & Syria-related programs… and makes some updates

OFAC today added the following persons: AL-SHABAN, Hasan (a.k.a. ALSHABAN, Hasan Suliman), Manbij, Syria; Sahinbey, Gaziantep, Turkey; DOB 07 Jan 1987; nationality Syria; Gender Male; Passport 02812L004397 (Syria); Identification Number 02120304806 (Syria); alt. Identification Number N006695928 (Syria); alt. Identification Number 99071138750 (Turkey) (individual) [SDGT]. FAYZIMATOV, Farrukh Furkatovitch (a.k.a. AL-SHAMI, Faruk; […]

OFAC Syria (& related) designations & updates, and new FAQs

Today, OFAC added the following persons: AL-KINAYEH, Lina Mohammed Nazir (Arabic: لينا محمد نذير الكناية) (a.k.a. AL-CANAIYA, Leena Muhammad Nathir; a.k.a. AL-KINAYA, Lina Muhammed Nazir; a.k.a. AL-KINAYEH, Leena; a.k.a. AL-KINAYEH, Lina (Arabic: لينا الكناية); a.k.a. AL-KINAYEH, Lina Mohammad Natheer; a.k.a. KINAYEH, Lina (Arabic: لينا كناية); a.k.a. KNAYA, Lina; a.k.a. KNIYA, […]

OFAC adds & updates DPRK listings (and one Syria-related one, too)

Today, OFAC added the following entities: KOREA CHOLSAN GENERAL TRADING CORPORATION (Cyrillic: ГЕНЕРАЛЬНАЯ ТОРГОВАЯ КОМПАНИЯ ЧХОЛСАН КНДР) (a.k.a. CHKHOLSAN; a.k.a. CHOLSAN TRADING COMPANY; a.k.a. CHOLSON LLC (Cyrillic: OOO ЧХОЛСАН)), Russia; Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang, Korea, North; Secondary sanctions risk: North Korea Sanctions Regulations, sections 510.201 and 510.210; Transactions Prohibited For Persons […]

OFAC adds to Syria, Syria-related and Hong Kiong-related sanctions lists

OFAC today added the following persons: AL-ALI, Nasr (Arabic: ناصر العلي) (a.k.a. AL-ALI, Naser; a.k.a. AL-ALI, Nasir; a.k.a. AL-ALI, Nasser; a.k.a. ALI, Nasser), Damascus, Syria; DOB 01 Feb 1961; POB Manbij, Aleppo, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male (individual) [SYRIA].  BIN AHMED RUSHDI AL-QATIRJI, Hussam (Arabic: حسام بن أحمد رشدي قاطرجي) (a.k.a. […]

Where in the world is OFAC today? Syria and Cuba

Today, OFAC added the following people under the Syria sanctions related to Executive Order 13894: IBRAHIM, Nasreen Hussein (Arabic: نسرين حسين إبراهيم) (a.k.a. IBRAHIM, Nisrine; a.k.a. IBRAHIM, Nsrin; a.k.a. IBRAHIM, Nsrin Hussin), Damascus, Syria; DOB 13 Nov 1975; POB Latakia, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Female; National ID No. 06110008173(Syria) (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894].  IBRAHIM, […]