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April 24, 2023: EU adds 33 to Syrian sanctions

Syria: EU sanctions drug trade benefitting the regime The Council today decided to list 25 individuals and 8 entities in the framework of EU restrictive measures in view of the situation in Syria. The majority of today’s designations target individuals and entities responsible for the production and trafficking of narcotics, notably Captagon. The trade […]

OFAC Today: Hizballah & Syria designations

Today, OFAC added the following persons: DAQQOU, Hassan Muhammad (Arabic: حسن محمد دقو) (a.k.a. DAQOU, Hassan; a.k.a. DAQOU, Hassan bin Muhammad; a.k.a. DAQOU, Hassan Muhammed; a.k.a. DAQOU, Mohamed Hassan; a.k.a. DEQQO, Hassan Mohammed; a.k.a. “DAGO, Hassan Mohamed”; a.k.a. “DAQU, Hassan”; a.k.a. “DUKKO, Hassan”), Tfail, Lebanon; DOB 01 Feb 1985; nationality […]

OFSI sanctions drug traffickers supporting Syria

Press release Tackling the illicit drug trade fuelling Assad’s war machine The UK and US have imposed sanctions on those responsible for the illicit captagon trade, which is estimated to be worth up to $57 billion to the Assad regime. From:Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and Lord Ahmad of WimbledonPublished28 March 2023 Seized […]