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OFAC FAQ on Private Relief Efforts in Somalia

129. Can I make a private donation to a charity that is delivering humanitarian assistance in Somalia? Yes. Please visit USAID’s website for more information about how you can help.[08-04-11] Print This FAQ 130. Can my organization provide humanitarian assistance in Somalia? Yes, non-governmental organizations may provide humanitarian assistance in […]

SECO removes one person from Somalia sanctions

Swiss regulators have removed the following person from sanctions against Somalia: SSID: 180-8104 Name: Jim’ale Ali Ahmed Nur DOB: 1954 POB: Eilbur, Somalia Good quality a.k.a.: a) Jim’ale Ahmed Ali b) Jim’ale Ahmad Nur Ali c) Jim’ale Sheikh Ahmed d) Jim’ale Ahmad Ali e) Jim’ale Shaykh Ahmed Nur Address: Djibouti […]

Sweden Explains It All: EU Somalia Sanctions

This is why the sanctions came into force: Since dictator Siad Barre was overthrown in 1991, Somalia has lacked a functioning central power and the country has been marked by serious instability. During the period 2004-2012, Somalia was governed by a Transitional Federal Government (TFG). Following the transitional period, a […]

The OFAC Book of Why: Somalia sanctions

The Somalia sanctions are another targeted sanctions program, as most are these days. Rather than rephrasing, let's just look at the sanctions flyer, slightly edited for length: On April 12, 2010, President Obama signed Executive Order 13536 (the “E.O.”) declaring a national emergency todeal with the unusual and extraordinary threat […]