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August 20, 2021: this is what happens when you try to beat Friday traffic…

OFAC on Friday added the following persons: VASILIEV, Kirill Yurievich (Cyrillic: ВАСИЛЬЕВ, Кирилл Юрьевич) (a.k.a. VASILIEV, Kirill; a.k.a. VASILYEV, Kirill), Russia; DOB 22 Feb 1973; nationality Russia; Gender Male; Tax ID No. 773721109701 (Russia) (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. ZHIROV, Artur Aleksandrovich (Cyrillic: ЖИРОВ, Артур Александрович) (a.k.a. ZHIROV, Artur), Moscow, Russia; DOB 06 […]

Searching for Executive Order 14024?

It’s not where I thought it would be – under the Ukraine/Russia-related sanctions program. They made a new “Russian Harmful Foreign Activities Sanctions” program. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher – why not fold all the “Russia is a bad actor” stuff into one program? Obviously, Mr. Watchlist will now […]