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Still going – June 19, 2014 OFAC deletions #215-265

Next set of 51 deletions from narcotics trafficking sanctions: CAFE ANDINO S.L., Calla Cochabamba 2, Madrid, Madrid, Spain; C.I.F. B81891244 (Spain) [SDNT]. CAJA SOLIDARIA (a.k.a. COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO DE COLOMBIA; a.k.a. COOPERATIVA MULTIACTIVA DE COMERCIALIZACION Y SERVICIOS), Avenida 22 No. 40-77 of. 202, Bogota, Colombia; Avenida 22 No. […]

There is big and there is this – OFAC narcotics sanctions removals #175-214 of June 19, 2014

On Thursday, OFAC also deleted the following 40 listings from the SDN List: CARRILLO QUINTERO, Eugenio, c/o BONOMERCAD S.A., Bogota, Colombia; c/o DECAFARMA S.A., Bogota, Colombia; c/o PATENTES MARCAS Y REGISTROS S.A., Bogota, Colombia; c/o SHARPER S.A., Bogota, Colombia; c/o DISTRIBUIDORA AGROPECUARIA COLOMBIANA S.A., Cali, Colombia; c/o CODISA, Bogota, Colombia; […]

OFAC Deletions from June 19, 2014: #92-117

The following 26 listings were removed from the SDN List's counter-narcotics trafficking sanctions yesterday: LABORATORIOS BLAIMAR DE COLOMBIA S.A. (f.k.a. BLAIMAR; a.k.a. CIA. INTERAMERICANA DE COSMETICOS S.A.; a.k.a. COINTERCOS S.A.), Calle 12B No. 27-39, Bogota, Colombia; Apartado Aereo 33248, Bogota, Colombia; NIT # 860511578-8(Colombia) [SDNT]. COPSERVIR LTDA. (a.k.a. COOPERATIVA MULTIACTIVA […]


149. What activities by foreign financial institutions can subject them to CISADA sanctions?As described in the Iranian Financial Sanctions Regulations, the sanctionable activities of a foreign financial institution are:• Facilitating the efforts of the Government of Iran (GOI) to acquire or develop Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or delivery systems […]