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SECO amends 1 North Korea sanctions listing

Today, Swiss officials updated the following North Korea sanctions designation: SSID: 150-35456 Name: Pak Chun IlDOB: 28 Jul 1954 Nationality: DPR Korea Identification document: Passport No. 563410091, DPR KoreaJustification: Pak Chun Il has served as the DPRK Ambassador to Egypt and provides support to KOMIDKOMID. He concluded his tour of […]

OFAC’s long weekend present: new North Korea, non-proliferation designations, narcotics removals, and a new version of Venezuela GL 8

OFAC has added the following person: JONG, Yong Nam, Minsk, Belarus; DOB 26 Jan 1966; nationality Korea, North; Gender Male; Secondary sanctions risk: North Korea Sanctions Regulations, sections 510.201 and 510.210; Transactions Prohibited For Persons Owned or Controlled By U.S. Financial Institutions: North Korea Sanctions Regulations section 510.214; Passport PS […]

New OFAC Advisory on DPRK IT Workers

Publication of North Korea Information Technology Workers Advisory 05/16/2022 Today, the U.S. Departments of State and Treasury, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, issued an advisory to alert the international community, the private sector, and the public to attempts by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and DPRK information […]

OFAC adds to Cyber sanctions, updates Lazarus Group DPRK listing

OFAC has added: BLENDER.IO (a.k.a. @BLENDERIO_ENGLISH; a.k.a. @BLENDERIO_RUSSIAN; a.k.a. @MADEAMAZE_BOT; a.k.a. BLENDERIO); Website; alt. Website; alt. Website http://blenderjkul472odyrnpmnirqgpzd3kms54jrrfycledrvvfbyj3wnqd.onion/; Email Address; alt. Email Address; Digital Currency Address – XBT 3K35dyL85fR9ht7UgzPfd1gLRRXQtNTqE3; alt. Digital Currency Address – XBT 3Q5dGfLKkWqWSwYtbMUyc8xGjN5LrRviK4; alt. Digital Currency Address – XBT 3EPqGUw2q89pwPZ1UF8FJspE2AyojSTjdu; alt. Digital Currency […]

OFAC updates Lazarus Group designation, and removes some narcotics traffickers while it’s at it

OFAC has updated the following North Korea sanctions designation: LAZARUS GROUP (a.k.a. “APPLEWORM”; a.k.a. “APT-C-26”; a.k.a. “GROUP 77”; a.k.a. “GUARDIANS OF PEACE”; a.k.a. “HIDDEN COBRA”; a.k.a. “OFFICE 91”; a.k.a. “RED DOT”; a.k.a. “TEMP.HERMIT”; a.k.a. “THE NEW ROMANTIC CYBER ARMY TEAM”; a.k.a. “WHOIS HACKING TEAM”; a.k.a. “ZINC”), Potonggang District, Pyongyang, Korea, […]