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OFAC issues DPRK missile procurement advisory

North Korea Ballistic Missile Procurement Advisory Release date 09/01/2020 Body The United States is issuing an advisory to alert industry worldwide to North Korea’s ballistic missile procurement activities.  This advisory identifies key North Korean procurement entities and deceptive techniques employed by North Korean proliferators and procurement networks, provides an overview of U.S. […]

EU, OFSI modify 37 North Korea sanctions listings

UK regulators today made changes pursuant to the passage of Council Implememting Regulation (EU) 2020/1129 to the following North Korea sanctions individual: 1. CHI BU CHON, Chon Chi Bu a.k.a: CHON,Chi-bu Position: MemberoftheGeneralBureauofAtomicEnergy.Other Information: Annex XV. EU listing. Not UN. Gender: male. Former technical director of Yongbyon. Photographs connected him […]

Thanks, Yoshi!*

The recent enforcement action against Essentra FZE also come with a settlement agreement. However, although a link is posted on the Recent Actions page, you can’t get to it from the list of enforcement actions OFAC maintains. The settlement is posted below – and adds some additional detail of the […]