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In conjunction with the recent OFAC designation…

Of a Chinese network supplying opioids to the US, FinCEN issued an advisory yesterday entitled “Advisory to Financial Institutions on Illicit Financial Schemes and Methods Related to the Trafficking of Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids.” Here’s the first section (it’s a lengthy one – 18 pages): Transnational criminal organizations (TCOs), […]

And yet more Kingpins.. hot off the presses

In the last hour, OFAC designated the following persons: YAN, Xiaobing (Chinese Traditional: 顏曉兵; Chinese Simplified: 颜晓兵) (a.k.a. “YAN, Steven”; a.k.a. “ZHOU, William”), Wuhan, Hubei, China (Chinese Simplified: 武汉市, 湖北省, China; Chinese Traditional: 武漢市, 湖北省, China); DOB 25 Mar 1977; POB Wuhan City, Hubei, China; citizen China; Gender Male; Digital […]

August 20, 2019: OFAC designates a trough of Kingpins

Yesterday, OFAC added the following people: CASTRO CORDERO, Natanael, Dominican Republic; DOB 08 Nov 1982; POB Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; nationality Dominican Republic; Gender Male; Cedula No. 001-1481029-4 (Dominican Republic) (individual) [SDNTK].    DEL ROSARIO PUENTE, Ramon Antonio (a.k.a. “TONO LENA” (Latin: “TOÑO LEÑA”)), Dominican Republic; DOB 13 Sep 1968; POB Guaymate, […]

August 1, 2019: OFAC cleans up the Kingpins

Last Thursday, OFAC removed the following: PEREZ ALZATE, Guillermo (a.k.a. “PABLO SEVILLANO”), Diagonal 50 No. 49-14 of. 601, Medellin, Colombia; Calle 26A No. 70-35, Medellin, Colombia; Calle 30 No. 9-51, Monteria, Cordoba, Colombia; Calle 24 No. 1-52, B. Cta de Oro, Colombia; Calle 37 No. 2-40, Almacen Dulcino, Tumaco, Narino, […]

May 23, 2019: OFAC adds yet more to its counter narcotics sanctions

Yesterday, OFAC added the following persons: BRUNETTI, Luciano (a.k.a. “BIFF TANNEN”; a.k.a. “LUCHO”), Buenos Aires, Argentina; DOB 30 Aug 1988; POB Argentina; nationality Argentina; Gender Male; Passport AAC206993 (Argentina); D.N.I. 34142353 (Argentina) (individual) [SDNTK].    FERRARI, Sergio David (a.k.a. “Yagy”), Chivilcoy 3157 Piso 2 Depto D, Buenos Aires 1417, Argentina; […]

May 17, 2019: OFAC adds to counter narcotics, global human rights sanctions

Last Friday (see, I’m slowly catching up!), OFAC added the following persons: AVELAR GUTIERREZ, Isidro, Islas Aleutianas 2307, Guadalajara, Jalisco 44540, Mexico; Santa Esther 845, Colonia Santa Margarita, Primera Seccion, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; DOB 13 Jun 1962; POB Jalisco, Mexico; nationality Mexico; Gender Male; C.U.R.P. AEGI620613HJCVTS05 (Mexico) (individual) [SDNTK].    […]