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Friday OFSI Sanctions-a-Rama!

Today, UK regulators issued 30 new sanctions designations, across 7 different sanctions regimes (Global Anti-Corruption, Global Human Rights, Iran (Human Rights), Mali, Myanmar, Russia, South Sudan). Here are those notices: And CAYFIN (the Cayman Islands regulator) issued the same additions… but they send PDFs rather than Web links to them, […]

UN, SECO amends 3 Mali sanctions listings

In accordance with changes made by the United Nations Security Council 2374 Sanctions Committee, Swiss regulators have updated the following 3 individual Mali sanctions listings: Here are the equivalent UN sanctions changes: MLi.006 Name: 1: MAHRI 2: SIDI 3: AMAR 4: BEN DAHATitle: na Designation: Deputy chief of staff of […]

EU sanctions 5 folks under Mali sanctions

Mali: EU adopts targeted sanctions against five individuals The Council decided today to impose restrictive measures on five individuals in view of the situation in Mali, following its decision of 13 December 2021 and recent developments in the country. These individuals, which include prominent members of the Malian Transition Government, are responsible for […]

EU expands sanctions criteria for Mali

Link: Council of the EU Press release 13 December 2021 10:30 Mali: EU sets up autonomous framework for sanctions against those obstructing the political transition The Council today amended its sanctions regime in view of the situation in Mali, establishing new criteria that will allow the EU to autonomously impose restrictive […]

Oopsie! OFSI fixes a Mali listing…

Today, UK regulators updated: 1. AG ALHOUSSEINI, Houka Houka Title: Cadi DOB: (1) 01/01/1962. (2) 01/01/1963. (3) 01/01/1964. POB: Ariaw, Tombouctou region, Mali a.k.a: (1) IBN ALHOUSSEYNI, Mohamed Ibn (2) IBN AL- HUSAYN, Muhammad Ibn (3) HOUKA, Houka Nationality: Mali Other Information: UN Ref: MLi.005. Houka Houka Ag Alhousseini was […]