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December 21, 2017: More Magnitsky!

One day after OFAC’s issuance of the Magnitsky sanctions regulations, the President has issued a new Executive Order related to the program. Additionally, OFAC has issued new FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to the Executive Order, and made the following individual designations:  BADJIE, Yankuba (a.k.a. BADGIE, Yankuba; a.k.a. BADJI, Yankouba), […]

February 1, 2016: OFAC adds 5 to Magnitsky sanctions

Yesterday, OFAC added the following to the SDN List under its Sergei Magnitsky human rights abuse sanctions: ANICHIN, Aleksey Vasilyevich (a.k.a. ANICHIN, Alexei Vasilievich); DOB 01 Dec 1949; POB Sevastopol, Ukraine (individual) [MAGNIT]. ANTONOV, Yevgeni Yuvenalievich; DOB 1955; nationality Russia (individual) [MAGNIT]. KIBIS, Boris Borisovich; DOB 20 Nov 1977; nationality […]