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Brits end the week with a bang!

Three updates from Her Majesty's Treasury (HMT) today. First, the following entity (the notice says person, but Mr. Watchlist knows how to read) has been removed from the Libyan sanctions, in line with Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 74/2014: LIBYAN HOUSING AND INFRASTRUCTURE BOARD (HIB) Address: Tajora, Tripoli, Libya. Other […]

DFAT confuses me – and maybe you, too

On Friday, DFAT removed Afriqiyah Airways from its Consolidated List (the notice didn't include the full listing being removed) and included the attached advice, which states that subsidiaries of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA, aka Libyan Arab Foreign Invesment Company, or LAFICO) and the Libyan Arab Investment Portfolio (LAIP) were […]

Today’s Good Read on Sanctions

United States: Eased Sanctions Present New Opportunities and Risks is over at It summarizes in a nice, succinct way, the recent easing of sanctions against Burma, Libya and Yemen. Mondaq requires registration, but it’s free. Kudos to Matt Godson of Momentum Event Group, who sent the link my way […]

SECO updates its Libyan sanctions

My German is non-existent, and Google Translate did not do a good job with this one. However, it appears that one person was removed from the list (Translate said he was exempt from sanctions) and a number (unspecified) have been changed. The Watchlists page have been updated. Links: FINMA news […]

HMT Updates for January 24, 2013: DRC and Libya

An update from Her Majesty’s Treasury to two sanctions programs today. The following were added to the Democratic Republic of the Congo sanctions program: Individuals 1. BADEGE, Eric DOB: –/–/1971 Group ID: 12838 2. RUNIGA, Jean-Marie, Lugerero DOB: –/–/1960 Other Information: DOB is approximate Group ID: 12839 Entities 1. FORCES […]