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Notice to Exporters 2014/24: Russia, Syria, South Sudan, Libya updates

In this NTE (Notice to Exporters), Russia is now a prohibited destination under the following licenses: Access Overseas to Software and Technology for Military Use Historic Military Goods Military Surplus Vehicles International Non-Proliferation Regime Decontrol: Military Items Military and Dual-Use Goods: UK Forces deployed in non-embargoed destinations Transhipment Licence (Sporting […]

August 5, 2014: SECO gets busy (Libya – 1 of 5)

On Tuesday, SECO updated the records for the following 2 persons: SSID: 130-12833 Name: Dorda Abu Zayd Umar Justification: Director, External Security Organisation. Regime loyalist. Head of externalintelligence agency. Other information: Believed status/location: in custody in Libya.Modifications: Amended on 5 Aug 2014 SSID: 130-12875 Name: Al-Senussi Abdullah Title: Colonel DOB: […]