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SECO delists some Iraq entities

Today, Swiss authorities – as the British did earlier today – delisted the following entities: SSID: 70-2106 Name: General Establishment For Bakeries And Ovens Good quality a.k.a.: General Establishment Of Bakeries And Ovens Address: a) Al Nidhal Street, near Saddoun Park, P.O.Box 109, Baghdad, Iraq b) Milla, Iraq c) Basrah, […]

OFSI removes 6 from Iraq sanctions

Today, the UK removed the following 6 entities: 1. GENERAL ESTABLISHMENT FOR BAKERIES AND OVENS a.k.a: General Establishment Of Bakeries And Ovens Address: (1) Sulaimaniya, Iraq. (2) Samawa, Iraq. (3) Nasiriya, Iraq. (4) Najaf, Iraq. (5) Mosul, Iraq. (6) Milla, Iraq. (7) Kirkuk, Iraq. (8) Kerbala, Iraq. (9) Dohuk, Iraq. […]

DFAT, UN remove 2 from Iraq sanctions

In line with the United Nations 1518 Committee, Australian regulators removed the following 2 persons: IQi.031 Name: 1: ZUHAIR 2: TALIB 3: ABD-AL-SATTAR 4: AL-NAQIB Name (original script): زھیر طالب عبد الستار النقیب Title: na Designation: na DOB: Approximately 1948 POB: na Good quality a.k.a.: na Low quality a.k.a.: na […]

SECO removes 2 from Iraq sanctions

Swiss authorities have removed the following 2 persons: SSID: 70-1367 Name: Zuhair Talib Abd-al-Sattar Al-Naqib DOB: 1948 (approximately) Nationality: Iraq Justification: Director, Military Intelligence Modifications: De-listed on 18 Jan 2021 SSID: 70-1390 Name: Amir Rashid Muhammad Al-Ubaidi DOB: 1939 POB: Baghdad, Iraq Nationality: Iraq Justification: Minister Of Oil, 1996–2003; Head, […]

EU. OFSI remove Rafidain Bank from Iraq sanctions

UK regulators have removed: RAFIDAIN BANK a.k.a: Al-Rafidain Bank Address: Rashid Street, Baghdad, Iraq. Other Information: State owned bank. Branches abroad in the United Kingdom, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Sudan and Egypt. London branch of Rafidain Bank is in provisional liquidation. Funds or financial assets or economic resources received […]

OFAC’s Belarus program gets more folks, Iraq loses some

Today, OFAC added the following person: KAZAKEVICH, Henadz Arkadzievich (Cyrillic: КАЗАКЕВIЧ, Генадзь Аркадзьевiч) (a.k.a. KAZAKEVICH, Genadz Arkadzievich; a.k.a. KAZAKEVICH, Gennadi; a.k.a. KAZAKEVICH, Gennadi Arkadievich (Cyrillic: КАЗАКЕВИЧ, Геннадий Аркадьевич); a.k.a. KAZAKEVICH, Gennady (Cyrillic: КАЗАКЕВИЧ, Геннадий); a.k.a. KAZAKEVICH, Gennady Arkadyevich; a.k.a. KAZAKEVICH, Henadz), Minsk, Belarus; DOB 14 Feb 1975; POB Minsk, Belarus; […]