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As presaged in an earlier Executive Order…

Suspension or Termination of Three Bilateral Agreements with Hong Kong PRESS STATEMENT MORGAN ORTAGUS, DEPARTMENT SPOKESPERSON AUGUST 19, 2020 Share The Chinese Communist Party has taken drastic steps to erode the high degree of autonomy that Beijing itself promised to the United Kingdom and the people of Hong Kong for […]

Mock Trial: What to do with China?

In case you haven’t seen this story in the South China Morning Post… The big question is, if sanctions aren’t going to be effective (and this round undoubtedly will not be), what will? Would like to hear your thoughts here… I will share some of mine for starters: You can’t […]

Boom! Hong Kong-related Executive Order 13936

Today, President Trump issued a long-awaited Executive Order as a response to the passage of the National Security Law in China that restricted the autonomy of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR). OFAC has already created a Hong Kong-related sanctions program. There are many elements in the Executive Order […]