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For once, it’s not just US…

Joint Statement on Cuba MEDIA NOTE OFFICE OF THE SPOKESPERSON JULY 25, 2021Share The following statement was released by the Governments of Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Guatemala, Greece, Honduras, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Republic of Korea, Ukraine, and the United States […]

Not sure if this is a first, but…

Today, the U.S. sanctioned a whole bunch of Bulgarians for corruption under both the Global Magnitsky sanctions program and under Section 7031(c) designation barring entry to the U.S. I believe it’s the first action against a significant number of EU member state parties. Anyhow, here’s the persons: BOJKOV, Vassil Kroumov […]

OFAC adds 2 to Global Magnitsky sanctions for corruption

Today, OFAC added the following persons to the SDN List under its Global Magnitsky anti-corruption/human rights program: ALEJOS CAMBARA, Gustavo Adolfo (a.k.a. ALEJOS CAMBARA, Gustavo), Guatemala; DOB 25 Oct 1966; POB Guatemala; nationality Guatemala; Gender Male; Passport 00728220K (Guatemala) expires 26 Jul 2009 (individual) [GLOMAG]. ALEJOS LORENZANA, Felipe (a.k.a. ALEJOS, […]

Hot off the presses!

Everything But the Kitchen Sink, the latest episode of Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation, is all about today’s Executive Order and Treasury’s Directive. A massive E.O., to be sure, but I like how it put everything together in one piece. Hope you like it! Ratings and reviews always appreciated!

Global Sanctions-a-Rama, Part 3: OFAC designations relating to Burma & Xinjiang

Today, OFAC added the following persons: CHEN, Mingguo (Chinese Simplified: 陈明国), Xinjiang, China; DOB Oct 1966; POB Yilong, Sichuan, China; nationality China; Gender Male (individual) [GLOMAG] (Linked To: XINJIANG PUBLIC SECURITY BUREAU).  WANG, Junzheng (Chinese Simplified: 王君正), Urumqi, Xinjiang, China; DOB May 1963; POB Linyi City, Shandong Province, China; nationality China; […]

OFAC sanctions corrupt Burmese family members & a terrorist & their related entities, and updates DRC and Global Magnitsky listings

Today, OFAC added the following persons: MON, Khin Thiri Thet (a.k.a. MON, Daw Khin Thiri Thet), Burma; DOB 05 Dec 1981; nationality Burma; Gender Female; National ID No. 12/MABANA(N)093656 (Burma) (individual) [BURMA-EO14014]. SONE, Aung Pyae (a.k.a. SONE, U Aung Pyae), Burma; DOB 24 Jun 1984; nationality Burma; Gender Male; National […]

Easy come, easy go: Dan Gertler license revoked

Revocation of License Granted for Dan Gertler PRESS STATEMENT NED PRICE, DEPARTMENT SPOKESPERSON MARCH 8, 2021 Share Today, the Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the Department of State, revoked the license that was issued to Specially Designated National Dan Gertler on January 15, 2021. The license previously granted […]