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March 17, 2020: OFAC adds 1 to Syria list, amends 2, plus removes some from Global Magnitsky program, Syria program, FSE List

On Tuesday, OFAC added the following person to Syria sanctions program: AYOUB, Ali Abdullah (Arabic: علي عبدالله أيوب); DOB 28 Apr 1952; POB Latakia, Syria; nationality Syria; Gender Male (individual) [SYRIA-EO13894]. and updated the following existing designations: EZEGOO INVESTMENTS LTD, 1 Logothetou, Lemesos 4043, Cyprus; National ID No. C310521 (Cyprus) [SYRIA] […]

December 18, 2019: Well, that was quick…

On Wednesday, OFAC removed the following entities from the Global Magnitsky sanctions program: VENTSPILS FREEPORT AUTHORITY (a.k.a. FREEPORT OF VENTSPILS; a.k.a. FREEPORT OF VENTSPILS AUTHORITY; a.k.a. VENTSPILS FREE PORT; a.k.a. VENTSPILS FREEPORT), Jana 19, Ventspils LV-3601, Latvia [GLOMAG] (Linked To: LEMBERGS, Aivars).    FREEPORT OF VENTSPILS AUTHORITY (a.k.a. FREEPORT OF […]

Even more Global Magnitsky designations…

Earlier today, OFAC added the following persons: AL-WARFALLI, Mahmud (a.k.a. AL-WERFALLI, Mahmoud; a.k.a. AL-WERFALLI, Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf), Benghazi, Libya; DOB 1978; nationality Libya; Gender Male (individual) [GLOMAG]. ANWAR, Rao (a.k.a. AHMED, Rao Anwar; a.k.a. KHAN, Anwar Ahmed; a.k.a. KHAN, Anwar Ahmed Rao; a.k.a. KHAN, Rao Anwar Ahmed), Pakistan; DOB 01 […]

December 9, 2019: Global Magnitsky changes + 2 new Venezuela designations

The Office of Foreign Assets Control has issued Global Magnitsky General License Number 1: Authorizing Certain Activities Necessary to the Wind Down of Transactions Involving Ventspils Freeport Authority, Ventspils Attistibas Agentura, Biznesa Attistibas Asociacija, and Latvijas Tranzita Biznesa Asociacija. Additionally, the following persons: ANDRIC, Goran, Serbia; DOB 21 Apr 1965; nationality Serbia; alt. […]