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OFAC adds to cyber, election interference and Ukraine/Russia-related sanctions

Earlier today, OFAC added the following persons: GAYKOVICH, Boris Aleksandrovich, St. Petersburg, Russia; DOB 30 Oct 1977; POB St. Petersburg, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male; Passport 649039450 (Russia); National ID No. 4004990741 (individual) [CYBER2] (Linked To: NPP PT OKEANOS, AO).  IVANOVA, Elena Nikolaevna (Cyrillic: ИВАНОВА, Елена Николаевна), St. Petersburg, Russia; DOB 07 Nov […]

OFAC sanctions 4 people for cyber and election interference

Today, OFAC designated the following persons: ANDREYEV, Anton Nikolaeyvich (Cyrillic: АНДРЕЕВ, Антон Николаевич), 9 3 Bloshevikov Prospect Apt 35, Saint Petersburg, Russia; DOB 03 Mar 1985; POB Saint Petersburg, Russia; nationality Russia; Email Address; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address – XBT 1Fz29BQp82pE3vXXcsZoMNQ3KSHfMzfMe3; alt. Digital Currency Address – XBT 1AeSq93WDNdLoEJ92sex7T8xQZoYYm8BtS; […]

July 15, 2020: OFAC sanctions parties under Cyber, Election Interference, Ukraine/Russia sanctions

Wednesday, OFAC designated the following persons: LAVRENKOV, Igor Valerievich (Cyrillic: ЛАВРЕНКОВ, Игорь Валерьевич), Surat Thani 84320, Thailand; Chaoyang District, Beijing, China; DOB 30 Jan 1974; POB Russia; nationality Saint Kitts and Nevis; alt. nationality Russia; Gender Male; Passport RE0028598 (Saint Kitts and Nevis); alt. Passport RE0013455 (Saint Kitts and Nevis); […]

OFAC designates Prigozhin’s associates, firms and his toys – and updates some DPRK stuff, too

Today, OFAC added the following entities: AUTOLEX TRANSPORT LTD., Alpha Centre, Providence Office, Number 22, Mahe, Seychelles [UKRAINE-EO13661] [CYBER2] [ELECTION-EO13848] (Linked To: PRIGOZHIN, Yevgeniy Viktorovich).    BERATEX GROUP LIMITED (a.k.a. BERATEX GROUP LTD.), Suite 1, Sound and Vision House, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles [UKRAINE-EO13661] [CYBER2] [ELECTION-EO13848] (Linked To: […]

April 26, 2019: Executive Order 13848 becomes Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections Sanctions Regulations

Publication of Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections Sanctions Regulations 4/26/2019 The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is issuing regulations to implement Executive Order 13848 of September 12, 2018 (“Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election”).  These regulations are currently available for public inspection with […]