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CAATSA-Russia designation of State Research Center of the Russian Federation FGUP Central Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics

Just now, OFAC designated the following entity under the CAATSA-Russia sanctions program (so, the Russia part of the CAATSA sanctions program): STATE RESEARCH CENTER OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION FGUP CENTRAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY AND MECHANICS (a.k.a. CNIIHM (Cyrillic: ЦНИИХМ); a.k.a. FGUP CNIIXM (Cyrillic: ФГУП ЦНИИХМ); a.k.a. FGUP TSNIIKHM; […]

EU, OFSI adds to cyber sanctions

Under the authority of Council Implementing Regulation, UK regulations have added the following person: BADIN, Dmitry Sergeyevich DOB: 15/11/1990. POB: Kursk, Russian SFSR (now Russian Federation) Nationality: Russian Other Information: Gender: male. As a military intelligence officer of the 85th Main Centre for Special Services (GTsSS) of the Main Directorate […]

OFAC adds to cyber, election interference and Ukraine/Russia-related sanctions

Earlier today, OFAC added the following persons: GAYKOVICH, Boris Aleksandrovich, St. Petersburg, Russia; DOB 30 Oct 1977; POB St. Petersburg, Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Male; Passport 649039450 (Russia); National ID No. 4004990741 (individual) [CYBER2] (Linked To: NPP PT OKEANOS, AO).  IVANOVA, Elena Nikolaevna (Cyrillic: ИВАНОВА, Елена Николаевна), St. Petersburg, Russia; DOB 07 Nov […]

OFAC adds cyber-related Russians…

OFAC added the following persons to its cyber-related sanctions today: KARASAVIDI, Dmitrii (Cyrillic: КАРАСАВИДИ, Дмитрий) (a.k.a. KARASAVIDI, Dmitriy), Moscow, Russia; DOB 09 Jul 1985; Email Address; alt. Email Address; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address – XBT 1Q6saNmqKkyFB9mFR68Ck8F7Dp7dTopF2W; alt. Digital Currency Address – XBT 1DDA93oZPn7wte2eR1ABwcFoxUFxkKMwCf; Digital Currency Address – […]

OFAC sanctions 4 people for cyber and election interference

Today, OFAC designated the following persons: ANDREYEV, Anton Nikolaeyvich (Cyrillic: АНДРЕЕВ, Антон Николаевич), 9 3 Bloshevikov Prospect Apt 35, Saint Petersburg, Russia; DOB 03 Mar 1985; POB Saint Petersburg, Russia; nationality Russia; Email Address; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address – XBT 1Fz29BQp82pE3vXXcsZoMNQ3KSHfMzfMe3; alt. Digital Currency Address – XBT 1AeSq93WDNdLoEJ92sex7T8xQZoYYm8BtS; […]

EU, OFSI add 9 to Cyber-Attacks sanctions

Today, as per Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1125, UK regulators added the following 6 persons: 1. GAO, Qiang POB: Shandong Province, China Nationality: Chinese Address: Room 1102, Guanfu Mansion, 46 Xinkai Road, Hedong District, Tianjin, China. Other Information: Gender: male. Gao Qiang is involved in “Operation Cloud Hopper”, a series […]

EU imposes cyberattack sanctions

EU imposes the first ever sanctions against cyber-attacks The Council today decided to impose restrictive measures against six individuals and three entities responsible for or involved in various cyber-attacks. These include the attempted cyber-attack against the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) and those publicly known as ‘WannaCry’, ‘NotPetya’, and ‘Operation Cloud Hopper’. The sanctions imposed include a travel ban and an asset freeze. […]

July 15, 2020: OFAC sanctions parties under Cyber, Election Interference, Ukraine/Russia sanctions

Wednesday, OFAC designated the following persons: LAVRENKOV, Igor Valerievich (Cyrillic: ЛАВРЕНКОВ, Игорь Валерьевич), Surat Thani 84320, Thailand; Chaoyang District, Beijing, China; DOB 30 Jan 1974; POB Russia; nationality Saint Kitts and Nevis; alt. nationality Russia; Gender Male; Passport RE0028598 (Saint Kitts and Nevis); alt. Passport RE0013455 (Saint Kitts and Nevis); […]