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November 8, 2022: OFAC Sanctions Tango – Tornado Cash moves from cyber to DPRK, plus some Burma, some DPRK, some cyber adds & removals, and an FAQ

OFAC has added the following person: OO, Kyaw Min, Yangon, Burma; DOB 18 Jan 1982; nationality Burma; Gender Male; National ID No. 14/MAMAKA N 140703 (Burma) (individual) [BURMA-EO14014]. and entity: SKY AVIATOR COMPANY LIMITED (a.k.a. SKY AVIATOR CO.; a.k.a. SKY AVIATOR CO., LTD.; a.k.a. SKY AVIATOR COMPANY LTD.; a.k.a. “SKY […]

On a related note: 3 Iranians charged with cybercrimes

Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, September 14, 2022 Three Iranian Nationals Charged with Engaging in Computer Intrusions and Ransomware-Style Extortion Against U.S. Critical Infrastructure Providers An indictment was unsealed today charging three Iranian nationals with allegedly orchestrating a scheme to hack into the computer […]

Another day, another set of Iran & cyber-related OFAC designations

OFAC has added the following individuals: AGHA AHMADI, Mohammad (Arabic: محمد آقااحمدی), Iran; DOB 01 Mar 1995; POB Savojbolagh, Alborz Province, Iran; nationality Iran; Additional Sanctions Information – Subject to Secondary Sanctions; Gender Male; National ID No. 4890244441 (Iran) (individual) [IRGC] [IFSR] [CYBER2]. AGHA-AHMADI, Ali (Arabic: علی آقااحمدی) (a.k.a. AGHA […]

OFAC publishes 4 more Cyber-related FAQs

Cyber-related Sanctions 1079. I sent virtual currency to Tornado Cash but did not complete the mixing transaction or otherwise withdraw my virtual currency before Tornado Cash’s August 8, 2022 designation.  How can I complete the transaction or withdraw my virtual currency without violating U.S. sanctions regulations? For transactions involving Tornado […]