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March 2, 2020: OFAC makes cybersecurity designations (with lots of crypto addresses)

On Monday, OFAC sanctioned the following 2 individuals: LI, Jiadong (Chinese Simplified: 李家东) (a.k.a. “blackjack1987”; a.k.a. “khaleesi”), Anshan, Liaoning, China (Chinese Simplified: 鞍山, 辽宁, China); DOB 10 Jan 1987; nationality China; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address – XBT 1EfMVkxQQuZfBdocpJu6RUsCJvenQWbQyE; alt. Digital Currency Address – XBT 17UVSMegvrzfobKC82dHXpZLtLcqzW9stF; alt. Digital Currency Address – XBT 39eboeqYNFe2VoLC3mUGx4dh6GNhLB3D2q; […]

OFAC designates Prigozhin’s associates, firms and his toys – and updates some DPRK stuff, too

Today, OFAC added the following entities: AUTOLEX TRANSPORT LTD., Alpha Centre, Providence Office, Number 22, Mahe, Seychelles [UKRAINE-EO13661] [CYBER2] [ELECTION-EO13848] (Linked To: PRIGOZHIN, Yevgeniy Viktorovich).    BERATEX GROUP LIMITED (a.k.a. BERATEX GROUP LTD.), Suite 1, Sound and Vision House, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles [UKRAINE-EO13661] [CYBER2] [ELECTION-EO13848] (Linked To: […]

December 19, 2018: OFAC Russian-o-rama Part 1: New Designations (Cyber sanctions, too!) – and State Department CAATSA 231 designations

Yesterday, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), part of the Treasury Department, added the following persons: ANTONOV, Boris Alekseyevich, Russia; DOB 19 Dec 1980; nationality Russia; Gender Male (individual) [CAATSA – RUSSIA] (Linked To: MAIN INTELLIGENCE DIRECTORATE). BOYARKIN, Victor Alekseyevich (Cyrillic: БОЯРКИН, Виктор Алексеевич) (a.k.a. BOYARKIN, V.A. (Cyrillic: […]

November 28, 2018: 2 new Cyber-related designations, plus new FAQs

Yesterday, OFAC added the following 2 persons: GHORBANIYAN, Mohammad (a.k.a. GHORBANIAN, Mohammad; a.k.a. “EnExchanger”; a.k.a. “Ensaniyat”; a.k.a. “Ensaniyat_Exchanger”), Iran; DOB 09 Mar 1987; POB Tehran, Iran; nationality Iran; Website; Email Address; alt. Email Address; Additional Sanctions Information – Subject to Secondary Sanctions; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address […]

August 21, 2018: Double-barreled OFAC designations of Russian targets under Cyber, North Korean programs

On Tuesday, OFAC made two significant sets of sanctions designations. First, they designated the following persons:  NAGIBIN, Anton Aleksandrovich, Russia; DOB 20 May 1985; POB Leningrad, Russia; Gender Male; Passport 712413714 (Russia) (individual) [CYBER2] (Linked To: DIVETECHNOSERVICES).    TSAREVA, Marina Igorevna, Russia; DOB 09 Nov 1973; POB Krasnoyarsk, Russia; nationality […]