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One last episode for 2020…

How the Sausage Gets Made looks at the new NS-CCMC List published Monday by OFAC as an example of how, when they are new and different from the vast majority of sanctions programs, OFAC has to course correct and fill in some of the blanks left by Executive Orders, legislation […]

Bully for you!

New episode of my podcast, Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation, is out – title: Bully Pulpit. It’s all about last week’s State Department Fact Sheet and what the actual intent of it was. Truth be told, I misunderstood it the first time I read it – it was so long, I didn’t […]

It’s baack….

The December 2, 2020 Fact Sheet was reissued yesterday… apparently nothing nefarious, but the older one didn’t have the 4 companies added last week by DoD… U.S. Investors Are Funding Malign PRC Companies on Major Indices FACT SHEET UNDER SECRETARY FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH, ENERGY, AND THE ENVIRONMENT DECEMBER 8, 2020 […]