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More corrections by OFSI

Amendments to the Consolidated List 44 individuals and entities have been amended in the Consolidated List of Asset Freeze Targets. This follows an update to the UK Sanctions List. Amendments have been made to entries in the Belarus, Burma, Chemical Weapons, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, […]

SECO amends Than Oo Myanmar sanctions listing

Earlier today, Swiss officials updated the following individual Myanmar sanctions designation: SSID: 145-39388 Name: Than Oo Sex: M DOB: 12 Oct 1973 Justification: Brigadier General Than Oo iswas the Commander of the 99th Light Infantry Division of the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw).Tatmadaw) until May 2018. In that context, he is […]

EU, OFSI update 1 Burma designation

Today, UK regulators updated the following Burma sanctions listing: OO, Than Title: Brigadier General DOB: 12/10/1973. Position: Commander of the 99th Light Infantry Division of the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw) National Identification no: BC 25723 (military identification) Other Information: Gender: male. Commander of the 99th Light Infantry Division of the […]

May 1, 2019: EU, OFSI amend 2 under Burma sanctions

On Wednesday, UK regulators implemented Council Implemented Regulation (EU) 2019/672 by amending the following individual designations under the Burma sanctions program: 1. SOE Khin Maung Title: Brigadier General DOB: –/–/1972. Position: Commander of the 15th Light Infantry Division of the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw) Commander of the Military Operation Command […]

April 29, 2019: EU extends Myanmar sanctions

Myanmar/Burma: Council prolongs sanctions On 29 April, the Council prolonged the restrictive measures in place on Myanmar/Burma for one year, until 30 April 2020. The sanctions regime includes an embargo on arms and equipment that can be used for internal repression, an export ban of dual-use goods for use by the military and border […]

The fun starts on page 14…

of the Standard Chartered settlement with OFAC – it’s a roadmap to what real remediation looks like, and the standards for a firm of size and commercial sophistication are: Specifically, OFAC and Respondent understand that the following compliance commitments have been made: a. Management Commitment: i. Respondent commits that Senior […]