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February 24, 2023: Russia Sanctions-a-Rama, OFAC’s turn: Russia & Belarus designations (& updates), a new Determination, new and updated GLs, and FAQs… and new export restrictions, visa restrictions, and increased tariffs (whew!) [CORRECTED]

OK, let’s start with the designations…[CORRECTION] fixed list of Belarus entities New individuals: AVERYANOV, Yuriy Timofeyevich (Cyrillic: АВЕРЬЯНОВ, Юрий Тимофеевич) (a.k.a. AVERYANOV, Yuriy Timofeevich), Moscow, Russia; DOB 17 Jan 1950; POB Bender, Moldova; alt. POB Bendery, Moldova; nationality Russia; citizen Russia; Gender Male; Tax ID No. 772918457831 (Russia) (individual) [RUSSIA-EO14024]. […]

Canada adds to Belarus sanctions

Canada imposes additional sanctions on Belarusian regime November 22, 2022 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada Today, during the visit of Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced that Canada is imposing further sanctions on the Lukashenko regime for facilitating and enabling […]

SECO delists Cham Wings Airlines from Belarus sanctions

News November 16, 2022 International sanction Updated Sanctions Announcement The Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research DEFR has published an amendment to the order establishing measures in connection with the situation in Belarus (RS 946.231.116.9). On November 15, 2022, the Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research DEFR amended Annex […]


OFSI re-sent the Legal Fees General Licence email, which now has a corrected blog post link. They didn’t send a link to the General Licence page, but they did send a link to the actual General Licence (the General Licence page is still not updated – I just checked): Link: […]