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EU, UK add 15 to Belarus sanctions

In line with Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1648, UK officials added the following persons: 1. TERTEL, Ivan Stanislavavich DOB: 08/09/1966. POB: Privalki/Privalka, Hrodna/Grodno Oblast, former USSR (now Belarus) a.k.a: TERTEL, Ivan, Stanislavovich Position: Chairman of KGB Other Information: Gender: male. In his leadership position as the Chairman of State Security […]

EU sanctions Lukashenko, 14 other Belarus officials

Belarus: Alexandr Lukashenko and 14 other officials sanctioned over ongoing repression European Union agrees Belarus sanctions The Council today added 15 members of the Belarusian authorities, including Alexandr Lukashenko as well as his son and National Security Adviser Viktor Lukashenko, to the list of individuals sanctioned in relation to the violent repression and intimidation […]

Canada sanctions 13 more Belarus officials

Canada imposes additional sanctions against 13 Government officials of Belarus November 6, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada In coordination with the European Union, Canada is today imposing further sanctions against an additional 13 Government officials of Belarus. Canada and the EU continue to share serious concerns about the ongoing situation in […]

Canada sanctions more Belarus officials

Canada imposes additional sanctions on Belarusian officials October 15, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada Following the adoption of a first set of targeted sanctions in coordination with the United Kingdom on September 29th, the Government of Canada is today listing an additional 31 Belarusian officials under the […]

SECO adds 40 people to its Belarus sanctions

Swiss authorities today added the following persons to their Belarus sanctions program: SSID: 20-43443 Name: Karaeu Yuri Khadzimuratavich Spelling variant: a) Karaev Yuri Khadzimuratovich (Russian) b) КАРАЕЎ Юрый Хаджымуратавiч (Belarusian) c) КАРАЕВ Юрий Хаджимуратович (Russian) Sex: M DOB: 21 Jun 1966 POB: Vladikavkaz (f.k.a. Ordzhonikidze), Russian Federation Justification: In his […]

EU, OFSI add 35, amend 5 Belarus sanctions designations

As per Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1387, UK regulators added the following 35 individuals: 1. ALIASHKEVICH, Aliaksandr Mikhailavich a.k.a: ALESHKEVICH, Alexander, Mikhailovich Position: (1) First Deputy Head of the District Department of Internal Affairs in Moskovski District, Minsk (2) Head of Criminal Police Other Information: Gender: male. In his position […]

OFAC adds 8 to Belarus sanctions

Today, OFAC added the following individuals to its Belarus sanctions program: ATABEKAU, Khazalbek Bakhtsibekavich (Cyrillic: АТАБЕКАЎ, Хазалбек Бахцібекавіч) (a.k.a. ATABEKOV, Khazalbek; a.k.a. ATABEKOV, Khazalbek Bakhtibekovich (Cyrillic: АТАБЕКОВ, Хазалбек Бахтибекович)), Belarus; DOB 18 Mar 1967; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS].  BALABA, Dzmitriy Uladzimiravich (Cyrillic: БАЛАБА, Дзмітрый Уладзіміравіч) (a.k.a. BALABA, Dmitriy Vladimirovich […]

EU imposes sanctions on Belarus

Belarus: EU imposes sanctions for repression and election falsification European Union agrees Belarus sanctions The Council today imposed restrictive measures against 40 individuals identified as responsible for repression and intimidation against peaceful demonstrators, opposition members and journalists in the wake of the 2020 presidential election in Belarus, as well as for misconduct of the […]

Canada sanctions Belarus officials

Canada imposes sanctions on Belarusian officials September 29, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada In coordination with the United Kingdom and in support of the people of Belarus, Canada is imposing sanctions against Government of Belarus officials, including Aleksandr Lukashenko.  These actions are being taken under the Special Economic […]

EU renews Belarus sanctions against 4 persons

Belarus: EU prolongs arms embargo and sanctions against 4 individuals for one year Today the Council decided to prolong the restrictive measures against Belarus for one year, until 28 February 2021. These measures include an embargo on arms and on equipment that could be used for internal repression, as well as an asset freeze and travel […]