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Another one bit the dust (updated)

On Friday, the UN changed the listing for Badruddin Haqqani to note that he presumably died in August of this year. DFAT today updated their Consolidated List to note the change. Update: OSFI made the same change on New Year’s Eve. Note: Haqqani is not being removed from the list, […]

Merry Olde Iranian Sanctions updated

Two releases today from across the pond: On the heels of last week’s updates to EU regulations based on UN updates to the Iranian program, the first notice from Her Majesty’s Treasury has updated their list of sanctioned entities. One individual and 18 entities were added, 2 were removed and […]

DFAT & UN changes

The United Nations modified one entity sanctioned under the Al-Qaida/Taliban terrorism program today. Links: UN Security Council Committee advice Note: the DFAT notice was received as an email with no associated document – the only link was to the UN release.

OSFI removes 6 entities from Consolidated list

The following entities were removed, in response to a similar delisting by the United Nations: AL-HAMATI SWEETS BAKERIES BENEVOLENCE INTERNATIONAL FUND BOSANSKA IDEALNA FUTURA HEYATUL ULYA RED SEA BARAKAT COMPANY LIMITED SOMALI INTERNET COMPANY The bakery is listed as having been reported as having “ceased to exist”. The remaining entities […]

Death and OFAC

OSFI removed 5 individuals from its Consolidated List on Monday, based on their removal from the UN list on the previous Friday. All 5 are deceased or presumed deceased. It’s important to note that, if any of these people are on the OFAC SDN List, they will generally not be […]

Ibrahim Ben Hidhili Ben Mohamed Al-Hamami

On Monday, OSFI removed the above person from their Consolidated list, after the UN delisted him on Friday, November 23. This was in response to a delisting request submitted through the Ombudsman at the UN. Note: this individual is also currently listed by Her Majesty’s Treasury, the European Union (and […]