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SECO adds 2 persons, 4 entities to Ukraine sanctions

Earlier today, Swiss regulators added the following persons: SSID: 175-43393 Name: Ganov Alexander Nikolaevich Spelling variant: ГАНОВ Александр Николаевич (Russian) Sex: M DOB: 24 Oct 1974 POB: Voronezh, Russian Federation Justification: General director of the JSC TC Grand Service Express, which operates railway service between Russia and the illegally annexed […]

SECO removes 2 from Libya sanctions

Swiss authorities today removed the following persons: SSID: 130-36229 Name: Saleh Issa Gwaider Agila DOB: 1 Jun 1942 POB: Elgubba, Libya Identification document: Passport No. D001001, Libya, Date of issue: 22 Jan 2015 Justification: a) Agila Saleh has been the President of the Libyan House of Representatives since 5 Aug […]

SECO adds 40 people to its Belarus sanctions

Swiss authorities today added the following persons to their Belarus sanctions program: SSID: 20-43443 Name: Karaeu Yuri Khadzimuratavich Spelling variant: a) Karaev Yuri Khadzimuratovich (Russian) b) КАРАЕЎ Юрый Хаджымуратавiч (Belarusian) c) КАРАЕВ Юрий Хаджимуратович (Russian) Sex: M DOB: 21 Jun 1966 POB: Vladikavkaz (f.k.a. Ordzhonikidze), Russian Federation Justification: In his […]

SECO adds to Libya financial and travel sanctions

Swiss authorities added the following persons: SSID: 130-43344 Name: Al-Werfalli Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf Sex: M DOB: 1978 POB: Werfalla Tribe, West of Libya or Elrseefa (Bani Walid) Good quality a.k.a.: Al-Warfalli Mahmud Justification: a) Mahmoud al-Werfalli serves as a commander (lieutenant) of the Benghazi- based al-Saiqa Brigade. In this role, […]

SECO amends Ukraine designations

Today, Swiss authorities amended 40 individual listings and 28 entity listings (assuming I counted correctly) under its “Situation in Ukraine” sanctions program. But, because the listings are so lengthy (it’s a 21-page PDF), I won’t cut and paste it here… Links: FINMA Notice Data files of updates – PDF, XML

SECO amends 10 terrorists, 1 terror-related entity

Today, Swiss authorities amended the following individual: SSID: 10-14044 Foreign identifier: QI.A.138.03. Name: Said Ben Abdelhakim Ben Omar Al-Cherif DOB: 25 Jan 1970 POB: Manzil Tmim, Tunisia Low quality a.k.a.: a) Djallal b) Youcef c) Abou Salman d) Said Tmimi Address: Corso Lodi 59, Mailand, Italy Nationality: Tunisia Identification document: […]

SECO amends Libya sanctions listing

Swiss authorities amended the following Libya sanctions designation today: SSID: 130-36266 Name: Ghwell Khalifa Spelling variant: a) Al Ghweil Khalifa (English) b) Al-Ghawail Khalifa (English) Sex: M DOB: a) 1 Jan 1956 b) 1 Jan 1951 POB: Misurata, Libya Good quality a.k.a.: a) Al Ghweil Khalifa b) Al-Ghawail Khalifa c) […]