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SECO adds 8 to Syria travel & financial sanctions

Today, Swiss authorities added the following persons to their Syria travel & financial sanctions: SSID: 200-43870 Name: Bassam Tou’ma Sex: M DOB: 1969 POB: Safita, Syrian Arab Republic Good quality a.k.a.: Tu’ma Justification: Minister of oil and mineral resources. Appointed in Aug 2020. As a Government Minister, shares responsibility for […]

November 13, 2020: SECO amends 2 Burundi listings

On Friday, Swiss authorities amended the following 2 individual financial sanctions listings: SSID: 25-32655 Name: Godefroid Bizimana Sex: M DOB: 23 Apr 1968 POB: Nyagaseke, Mabayi, Cibitoke Nationality: Burundi Identification document: Passport No. DP0001520, Burundi Justification: “Chargé“Chargé de missions de la Présidence” and former Deputy Director GeneralDirector-General of the National […]

SECO changes one DRC designation

Swiss officials updated the following individual: SSID: 100-3136 Name: Lubanga Thomas POB: Ituri, Congo DR Address: Congo DR (in prison)DR Nationality: Congo DR Justification: President of the UPC/L, one of the armed groups and militias referred to in paragraph 20 of Res.1493 (2003), involved in the trafficking of arms, in […]

SECO adds 7, amends 18 under Syrian sanctions

Swiss authorities added the following persons: SSID: 200-43776 Name: Talal Al-Barazi Sex: M DOB: 1963 POB: Hama, Syrian Arab Republic Good quality a.k.a.: Barazi Justification: Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection. Appointed in May 2020. As a Government Minister, shares responsibility for the Syrian regime’s violent repression of the […]

SECO adds Progozhin to Libya sanctions

Swiss authorities have added: SSID: 130-43767 Name: Prigozhin Yevgeniy Viktorovich Spelling variant: Пригожин Евгений Викторович (Russian) Sex: M DOB: 1 Jun 1961 POB: St. Petersburg (f.k.a. Leningrad) Nationality: Russian Federation Justification: a) Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin is a Russian businessman with close links, including financially, to the private military company Wagner […]

SECO adds 2 persons, 4 entities to Ukraine sanctions

Earlier today, Swiss regulators added the following persons: SSID: 175-43393 Name: Ganov Alexander Nikolaevich Spelling variant: ГАНОВ Александр Николаевич (Russian) Sex: M DOB: 24 Oct 1974 POB: Voronezh, Russian Federation Justification: General director of the JSC TC Grand Service Express, which operates railway service between Russia and the illegally annexed […]

SECO removes 2 from Libya sanctions

Swiss authorities today removed the following persons: SSID: 130-36229 Name: Saleh Issa Gwaider Agila DOB: 1 Jun 1942 POB: Elgubba, Libya Identification document: Passport No. D001001, Libya, Date of issue: 22 Jan 2015 Justification: a) Agila Saleh has been the President of the Libyan House of Representatives since 5 Aug […]