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SECO amends 2 Burma sanctions listings

Swiss authorities today updated two listings: m SSID: 145-39394 Name: Aung AungSex: MJustification: BrigadierMajor General Aung Aung is the Commander of the South Western Command of the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw) and the former Commander of the 33rd Light Infantry Division of the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw). In that context, […]

SECO delists Al-Gaoud Abdelmajid from its Libya sanctions

Swiss authorities delisted the following person: SSID: 130-20678 Name: Al-Gaoud AbdelmajidDOB: 1943Justification: Minister for Agriculture, Animal and Maritime Resources in Colonel Qadhafi’s Government. Closely associated with the former regime of Muammar Qadhafi. Modifications: Amended on 28 Aug 2015, de-listed on 6 May 2021 from its Libya financial and travel sanctions […]

SECO delists 1, amends 29 on Iran sanctions list

Today, Swiss officials removed the following person: SSID: 80-13141 Foreign identifier: 16. Name: Haddad HassanSex: M Good quality a.k.a.: Zareh Dehnavi HassanJustification: Former Deputy Safety Officer of Teheran Revolutionary Court. Former Judge, Tehran Revolutionary Court, branch 26. He was in charge of the detainee cases related to the post-election crises […]

SECO removes 1 from Libya sanctions

On Tuesday, Swiss authorities removed the following person: SSID: 130-36266 Name: Ghwell Khalifa Sex: M DOB: a) 1 Jan 1956 b) 1 Jan 1951 POB: Misurata, Libya Good quality a.k.a.: a) Al Ghweil Khalifa b) Al-Ghawail Khalifa c) Ghawil Khalifa Mohamed Address: Qasr Ahmed Street, Misurata, Libya Nationality: Libya Identification […]

SECO delists some Iraq entities

Today, Swiss authorities – as the British did earlier today – delisted the following entities: SSID: 70-2106 Name: General Establishment For Bakeries And Ovens Good quality a.k.a.: General Establishment Of Bakeries And Ovens Address: a) Al Nidhal Street, near Saddoun Park, P.O.Box 109, Baghdad, Iraq b) Milla, Iraq c) Basrah, […]

SECO amends 1 counter terror listing

Swiss officials have updated the following record under their bin Laden/Al-Qaida/Taliban counter terrorism sanctions program: SSID: 10-14923 Foreign identifier: QI.B.217.06. Name: Abu Bakar Ba’asyir DOB: 17 Aug 1938 POB: Jombang, East Java, Indonesia Good quality a.k.a.: a) Abu Bakar Baasyir b) Abu Bakar Bashir c) Abdus Samad d) Abdus Somad […]

SECO removes one from CAR sanctions

Today, Swiss authorities removed: SSID: 300-31795 Name: Bureau d’achat de diamant en Centrafrique/KARDIAM Good quality a.k.a.: a) BADICA/KARDIAM b) KARDIAM Address: a) P.O.Box 333, Bangui, Central African Republic (Tel. +32 3 2310521; Fax. +32 3 2331839; email: (; website: ( b) Antwerp, Belgium Other information: Headed by Abdoul-Karim […]