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January 14, 2023: Oopsie, OFSI!

On Saturday, OFSI sent out a notice that there were additions to the Iran human rights sanctions program, as well as amendments to listings under the Russia and Syria program. They included a link to the Iran notice: However, none of the three regime pages shows links to this file, […]

December 29, 2022: UK Haiti sanctions comes into force

UK launches Haiti sanctions Today, the Haiti sanctions regime came into force, following the laying of the regulations on 7 December 2022.  The Haiti Sanctions Regulations 2022 give effect to the United Kingdom’s international obligations resulting from UNSCR 2653 (2022). The regulations provide for asset freezes to be imposed on persons engaged in […]

UK adds prohibition on trust services to Russia sanctions

New sanctions measures – Russia As part of updated regulations in the Russia sanctions regime, there are new restrictions on the provision of trust services. The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) (Amendment) (No. 17) Regulations 2022 prohibit the provision of trust services: Amendments have also been made to restrictions on transferable securities and money-market instruments, […]

Friday OFSI Sanctions-a-Rama!

Today, UK regulators issued 30 new sanctions designations, across 7 different sanctions regimes (Global Anti-Corruption, Global Human Rights, Iran (Human Rights), Mali, Myanmar, Russia, South Sudan). Here are those notices: And CAYFIN (the Cayman Islands regulator) issued the same additions… but they send PDFs rather than Web links to them, […]