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You win a few, you lose a few (SDNs, that is)

Two small sets of updates by OFAC today: Two organizations (M23 and Forces Democratiques de Liberation du Rwanda) were added to the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Sanctions program (and all their aliases, of course) Jeanine Speckman, a UK citizen, and Euromac European Manufacturer Center SRL, an Italian entity, […]

If you want to visit Cuba…

OFAC publishes a list of authorized air, travel and payment (they’re fancy – they call them “remittance forwarding”) service providers that are permitted to provide these services to Cuba. So, not exactly a General License, but not a specific license, either. The list was updated today. Link: List of Authorized […]


OFAC yesterday published its final rule regarding the amendments to the ITSR (Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations) which were mandated by the passage of the TRA (Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012) and elements of Executive Orders 13622 and 13628. These changes are, in really concise […]

Dec. 20, 2012: OFAC giveth, OFAC taketh away

Two releases today from OFAC: This morning, 3 individuals were added to the Transnational Criminal Organizations sanctions: 2 Kyrgyz nationals, and 1 has Georgian and Russian citizenship. This afternoon, OFAC issued a new General License (#6) for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators sanctions program. This license authorizes transactions related […]

OFAC Update for Lebanon & Terrorism Programs

Today’s OFAC release adds a single name – Michel Samaha (also Mishal Fuad Samaha and Saadah al-Naib Mishal Fuad) to both the Terrorism and Lebanon sanctions programs. The Lebanese sanctions program is an interesting one, as it’s not a country-level program. It’s aimed at those who “undermine the sovereignty of […]