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March 25, 2021: OFAC sanctions 2 entities, removes 1 entity and updates 2 listings under Burma program

Yesterday, OFAC added the following 2 entities: MYANMA ECONOMIC HOLDINGS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (a.k.a. MYANMAR ECONOMIC HOLDING LIMITED; a.k.a. “MEHL”), 51*Mahabandoola Road 189/191, Botataung, Rangoon 11161, Burma; Registration Number 156387282 (Burma) [BURMA-EO14014].  MYANMAR ECONOMIC CORPORATION LIMITED (a.k.a. MYANMAR ECONOMIC CORPORATION; a.k.a. “MEC”), Corner of Ahlone Road & Kannar Road, Ahlone Township, […]

Easy come, easy go: Dan Gertler license revoked

Revocation of License Granted for Dan Gertler PRESS STATEMENT NED PRICE, DEPARTMENT SPOKESPERSON MARCH 8, 2021 Share Today, the Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the Department of State, revoked the license that was issued to Specially Designated National Dan Gertler on January 15, 2021. The license previously granted […]

All together now: OFAC makes updates in Cyber, Yemen, Ukraine/Russia & non-proliferation programs

Today, OFAC added the following persons: AL-HAMZI, Ahmad (Arabic: أحمد الحمزي) (a.k.a. AL-HAMZI, Ahmad ‘Ali; a.k.a. AL-HAMZI, Ahmad ‘Ali Ahsan; a.k.a. AL-HAMZI, Ahmed Ali; a.k.a. “AL-HAMZI, Muti’”), Yemen; DOB 1985; POB Sanaa al-Hamzat, Yemen; nationality Yemen; Gender Male; Commander of the Houthi Air Force (individual) [YEMEN].  AL-SA’ADI, Mansur (a.k.a. AL SAADI, […]

February 16, 2021: OFAC revokes counter-terror General Licenses & related FAQs, updates and removes some counter terror & Yemen listings

On Tuesday, OFAC revoked Counter Terrorism General Licenses 9 (Official US Government Business), 10 (Official International Organization Activities), 11 (Support of NGO Activities in Yemen), 12 (Export/Re-export of Agricultural Commodities, Medicine, Medical Devices, Replacement Parts and Components or Software Updates) and 13 (Transactions involving Ansrallah). Along with that, FAQs 875, […]

OFAC’s Venezuela General License 30 gets an update

OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL Venezuela Sanctions Regulations 31 C.F.R. Part 591 GENERAL LICENSE NO. 30A Authorizing Certain Transactions Necessary to Port and Airport Operations (a) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this general license, all transactions and activities involving the Government of Venezuela prohibited by Executive Order (E.O.) […]

Ansrallah off the hook for a month…

OFAC issued Counter Terrorism General License 13, which authorizes transactions with Ansrallah until February 26th, but doesn’t permit transactions otherwise barred under the various counter-terror regulations, other SDNs, or transactions which involved already-blocked property. And they updated Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 876 to include references to the new General License. […]