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OFSI Blog post on Prior Obligations General Licence

Prior Obligations General Licence Posted by: OFSI, Posted on: 24 May 2023 – Categories: Compliance, Enforcement, Financial Sanctions, Financial sanctions regime, Russia OFSI has received unprecedented numbers of licence applications to permit prohibited transactions or activities owing to more sweeping and far-reaching sanctions imposed relating to Russia and Belarus. Many of these applications involve UK persons who are owed money […]

OFAC-a-Rama! Designations under counter terror (IRGC-related) & Sudan programs, removal from Russia program – and Sudan GLs

Today, OFAC has added the following persons: AMINI, Hossein Hafez (a.k.a. AMINI, Hosein Hafez; a.k.a. AMINI, Huseyin Hafez; a.k.a. AMINI, Hussein Hafiz; a.k.a. HAFEMAZAMINI, Huseyin; a.k.a. HAFEZAMINI, Huseyin), Turkey; DOB 23 Aug 1969; nationality Iran; alt. nationality Turkey; Gender Male; Secondary sanctions risk: section 1(b) of Executive Order 13224, as […]

May 19, 2023: OFAC makes Russia designations, amends Directive 4, issues new Determinations, issues new (and new versions of) GLs… and adds & amends FAQs

A whole raft of Russia-related sanctions designations – first, additions of persons: ABRAMCHENKO, Viktoriya Valeriyevna (Cyrillic: АБРАМЧЕНКО, Виктория Валериевна) (a.k.a. ABRAMCHENKO, Viktoria Valerievna; a.k.a. ABRAMCHENKO, Viktoriya Valeryevna), Moscow, Russia; DOB 22 May 1975; POB Chernogorsk, Khakasia Republic, Russia; nationality Russia; citizen Russia; Gender Female; Tax ID No. 190301150585 (Russia) (individual) […]

OFSI clarifies Evraz Plc-related General Licence

General Licence INT/2022/1710676 amended The definition of the North American Subsidiaries has been amended to make clear that the subsidiaries of Evraz Inc. NA and Evraz Inc. NA – Canada are covered by General Licence INT/2022/1710676. The updated General License: and a “Publication Notice Extension”: Links: General Licence INT/2022/1710676 – […]

OFSI blog post about new Legal Services General Licence

New Legal Services General Licence Posted by: OFSI, Posted on: 2 May 2023 – Categories: Compliance, Financial Sanctions, Licensing, Russia The Legal Services General Licence (INT/2022/2252300) expired on 28 April 2023 and is no longer valid. All reported use of General Licence INT/2022/2252300 should be sent to OFSI by 5 May 2023. OFSI has reviewed the reported use of this licence […]