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After a brief hiatus…

Welcome to the “Shootout at the OFAC Corral”, the latest episode of Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation. The new show is focused on last week’s designation of the Iranian financial services sector under Executive Order 13902, and the designation of 18 Iranian banks (which had already been sanctioned under the Iranian Transactions […]

“Because I said so” – the podcast

New episode of Mr. Watchlist’s DesigNation was just published. Yes, it’s about the “return of UN sanctions” pronounced by the US State Department, and yesterday’s E.O. Did you notice the change in wording in the designation authorities in the Executive Order? I did… although not the first time. It’s a […]

Boom! Hong Kong-related Executive Order 13936

Today, President Trump issued a long-awaited Executive Order as a response to the passage of the National Security Law in China that restricted the autonomy of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR). OFAC has already created a Hong Kong-related sanctions program. There are many elements in the Executive Order […]